Mysterious Places You Can’t Find On Google Maps

Google Maps is a navigation tool that helps people find businesses, view maps and get driving directions. Most people will readily assume that Google Maps has a listing of every single street, city, town and country all over the world but the fact is there are some mysterious places that you can’t find in the online mapping service.

Five of the mysterious places that have been blurred out were revealed by Dark5 in a YouTube video. The video was uploaded last June 16 and has made the effort to investigate the places.

One of the places mentioned by Dark5 is Junction Ranch in the middle of the Mohave Desert, California. Junction Ranch is a large airstrip used by the military as a testing site. Some people believe that “black” drone projects are being done along this area. On Google Maps one little section has been scratched out but in Bing, the total area has been blanked out.

According to stories, Captain Cook discovered Sandy Island, a tiny island in the Coral Sea off the Australian Coast. Sandy Island existed in maps since the late 1800’s but all of a sudden it is nowhere to be found. According to reports, Google Maps censored the island with a black box before it was smudged. On Bing, you can still find the Sandy Island. However, in 2012 a research ship could no longer find its coordinates. Has the island disappeared?

In the wilderness of Russia’s Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Google Maps has mysteriously masked a certain area. If you will look at the satellite imagery of the terrain from the surrounding area, near Egvekinot, you will notice that it appears to have been copy-pasted on the region. According to Dark5 You Tube video, Russian maps have used a black box to cover the area.

In an Illustrated Map of a certain city that was created centuries ago, there are several buildings, stores, monuments and landmarks that existed in the past but can no longer be seen at present. This is the reason why illustrated maps are important part of history; they serve as reminders of the past.