Mobile Web Design Becomes More Important As Mobile Searches Takes Over Google Searches

There are many websites that are still not equipped with an optimized Mobile Web Design. This refers to those websites which still don’t respond to the size of the device where it’s being shown, thus, leading to a poor user interface and experience to those which are using mobile devices. This was okay back then, however, as smartphones and other mobile devices become eminent, it almost became imperative for a website to become mobile optimized with their web design.

Majority of the percentage of all people today possess a smartphone. As more people are outside their house all throughout the day, we could already infer or see that there are more people who search using these devices. This lead to Google searches in mobile, to take over the search engine in desktops. This news was first shared by the Vice President of Google in Product Management. He shared that over 10 countries have experienced this mobile ‘overtake’ which also includes major countries like Japan and United States.

To top this up, Google even had a recent change with their search algorithms which kicked those websites which are don’t possess appropriate Mobile Web Design. This is also to maintain their reputation in giving valuable customer experience to their users.

The fact that mobile searches have exceeded the desktop searches is an opportunity like no other, but for those which are not yet fully equipped for it, this becomes their demise which will lead for their business to have a lower standing in the search engine. If you’re still falling behind this great change, now is the time to get yourself the proper fixing.

One thing you should fix first is your mobile web design which was greatly implemented on the Google ‘MobileGeddon’. Afterwards, focus on the content you will serve for your customers. You should target who your customers are and give a top quality render of service to them. Connecting your landing pages through linking is also highly recommended.

If you’re aiming to top the search bars nowadays, you could have the help from Companies like Oliver Wood SEO and Web Design Company if you’re from Australia, or with some of the best SEO companies listed in There are many ways to get your business known today and one of the best move is to get your website up and running perfectly for mobile devices.