Millennials: The Most Demanding Customers?

Online shopping is very popular these days, but among the customers around, it seems that retailers have difficulty pleasing the millennials. Why is this so?

Millennials, also known as generation Y, are the people aged 20 to 35. Some have described them as the most demanding age group to date. Maybe it’s because they are used to using technology that gives them instant results. So far, they make up most of the working population. Many business owners have been trying to study their behaviour because they act differently from the generations that came before them. Why the need to take a particular interest in their generation. It’s because of their buying power. UK alone reported online sales of£133 billion in 2016, thanks to their engagement in the market.

However, this comes with a price. They expect to get the goods at an economical price and have it delivered at their doorstep in an instant if possible. For this reason, online retail providers are now finding ways to deliver on their demands. Courier companies that offer same-day delivery services have become indispensable, thanks to the impatient millennials. With this information, retailers are now contracting with couriers that offer the fastest delivery possible.

The retailers are not the only ones who can benefit from this information. Courier companies could also use this to their advantage. Providing better and faster service might allow them to gain partnerships with retailers, whether these are small or big businesses. Millennials are also most likely to use technology in tracking their parcels – in fact, they will be expecting delivery companies to provide it.

Because customer services is a must for all retailers, parcel delivery providers must consider updating their tracking software to meet the demands of the millennials. Most people nowadays expect to be able to trace their parcel through their smartphones. It can be noted that the bigger companies recognize this fact and thus are also inclined to do business with delivery providers that can provide this service to reduce their own customer complaints.

Demanding or not, millennials can contribute to the sales of a retail business. That is why fast delivery is considered important these days. As a courier service provider, you can either choose to ignore this news or use it to your advantage and offer faster delivery.