Merchandise Jinx Suffered By Indian Films To Be Broken By Baahubali

In the coming months, fans of the film franchise about the epic Telugu will be able to see figurines of the two main characters – Baahubali and Bhallaladeva. They will be available in stores along with other famous figurines of Star Wars’ Hans Solo and Darth Vader. Fans will have a local option to purchase the replica weapons and swords fashioned after the magnum opus of India instead of patronizing the lightsabres showcased by the sci-fi series originating in the United States.

According to the makers and producers of Baahubali, they want to change the current rules of India when it comes to the business in film merchandise. There are many reasons why it has never gained popularity including the fact that there are knock-off products being made, not enough franchise as well as a fan following that is not enough to create noise. This is far from the state of Hollywood merchandise business as they are selling fast and owned by big corporations all over the world.

According to data, the Star Wars film by LucasFilms which is now under Disney have sold merchandise worth more than $40 billion in retail, Minions from Universal Pictures have retail sales of about $35 billion while Harry Potter from Warner Bros. has earned $25 billion from merchandise sales alone. This is very far in comparison to what Bollywood movies have earned from merchandise sales. The most popular films such as Ra One, Dhoom and Krissh have only earned lower than a percentage of the entire revenue of the Bollywood films.

Baahubali has gathered a stronger fan following and is now expecting for the release of the sequel which is entitled Baahubali 2. The producers are planning to bring in to the market many merchandise and items in large quantities which were never done before. There will be large canvas prints, figurines, VR glasses, laptop skins, apparels, phone covers, personalized debit cards, accessories, posters, coasters, mugs, badges and many others. Fans have voiced out their support for the products as long as they are not priced too high and the quality will rival those merchandise released under foreign films.