Master Builders Encouraged To Build Successful Projects

Jamaica National Group’s executive is advising contractors in the country to acquire certificates that are honoured internationally as well as to utilize technology in order to further their services and tap new global markets. At the start of this month was the Incorporated Master Builders Association of Jamaica Conference wherein Jamaica National Group’s chief of development financing, Carlton Earl Samuels, gave a speech as the representative of JN Bank.

According to him, it is not impossible for the local contractors in the country to be able to bid with the contracts in the international markets. He encouraged master builders to learn more about their craft in order to compete with contractors from other countries. He added that inefficiencies can be reduced by proper management of the project.

In his speech he said that careful monitoring should be practiced by contractors as the project progresses in order to prevent errors from occurring. These errors consume a lot of time, labour as well as materials. Master builders in Jamaica should not be branded to have overrun works as others perceive.

Samuels added that projects should be successful at the first attempt, if not the contractor should determine the consequences before they occur and think about how to provide a solution that will not result to waste in money and time.

This is because the reputation of the contractor and their identity are at stake together with the services that they are offering. A master builder’s main capital is their reputation. Completed projects have more value if done by a reputable contractor and it increases the competitiveness of the contractor.

He also sent a reminder to all the master builders regarding the vital role that they play in the society and how it is looked on by the international market. They are the very people that create communities and industries and they should also be the ones to find a solution in case they see a problem that hinders them to move forward. It is the goal of the government to improve the engineering ability as a measure in their aim to grow as a nation.