Marketing Technology Startup From Zero To C$30 Million In Revenue

Maropost Inc is a Canada-based marketing technology startup that sells software to make it easier for businesses to setup and run their internet marketing campaigns. The tech firm will be competing directly with some of the products of Salesforce, Oracle, International Business Machines Corp and Adobe Systems.

In just 3 years, Maropost managed to go from zero to C$30 million in revenue. Maropost was able to gain 300 customers which justify its expectations to reach annual revenue of C$100 million by the end of 2018. It is not common for a new entrant to be this profitable particularly since the firm has not taken money from outside sources. However, Maropost managed to raise $37 million at a valuation of about $150 million from the investments last summer by venture capital firms Highland Europe and Elephant Partners.

The industry of marketing software includes tools that can be used to set up email marketing campaigns or keep track of consumer sentiments. There is also a tool that can maintain relationships with customers. Canada is fertile ground for startups in the technology sector that used to be dominated by the big names in software enterprise.

Big software companies have spent billions in the acquisition of other companies for expansion purposes. For example, Oracle has purchased Toronto-based Eloqua in 2012 for about $871 million. Salesforce on the other hand purchased Fredericton in 2011 for $340 million. Hootsuite which is one of Canada’s startups that is worth more than a billion dollars build tools for businesses to enhance engagement in social media.

Maropost’s has an advantage over its competitors because the software is build from the latest programming languages and not from various acquisitions. The market is tough to crack but Maropost has a new product that was literally built from scratch. Maropost is gradually building a name in the industry because of its new products and tools that work for its customers.

Online marketing involves more than sending emails to customers and posting some advertisements on Facebook. It requires awareness of the latest online marketing innovation so that your audience will pay attention. Trends come and go and it is important to know what works best for your business.