Maldives Still The Best Honeymoon Destination In Spite Of Political Issues

Millions of tourists visit Maldives every year because of the azure skies, pristine beaches and romantic ambiance. It is without doubt that many couples dream of staying at luxury honeymoon resort Maldives after the wedding. There are exclusive island resorts that offer a serene paradise for honeymooners. However, the perfect honeymoon destination is now in disarray.

What is happening in Maldives? The government has locked up the president’s opponents, defied the orders from the Supreme Court and suspended the constitution. The disarray started when the political opponents of President Abdullah Yameen petitioned the Supreme Court last January 29 because of alleged corruption and human rights abuses. They wanted to remove the president from office temporarily but Yameen denied the accusations that he stole more than $1 million worth of state funds including revenue from tourism.

Former president Mohamed Nasheed is also threatening Yameen’s hold on power claiming that martial law was illegally declared. Nasheed turned to India for help in ousting Yemeen by sending its troops. However, the Yameen’s continues to fight back and claims that the opposition is trying to overthrow a legitimate government.

Meanwhile, when Yameen started to arrest Supreme Court justices it ignited an international outcry. The United States expressed its disappointment by saying that Yameen has systematically alienated his coalition by putting to jail and exiling every major political opponent. Yameen has deprived the elected Members of Parliament the right to represent their voters in the Legislature. Laws were revised to gradually destroy human rights including freedom of expression. These acts have weakened government institutions.

According to one of the top human rights official of the United Nations, the actions of Yameen are tantamount to an all-out assault on democracy. Zeid Raád al-Hussien called on the government of Maldives to lift the 15-day state of emergency that was extended for another 30 days by Parliament citing a threat to national security and constitutional crisis.

On the other hand, the government encourages tourists to continue with their hotel bookings because luxury honeymoon resort Maldives is away from Male, the capital city. Tourists must not miss the opportunity to enjoy the stunning ocean views because of the political issues.