Luxurious Resorts For Doomsday

Have you ever wondered if there are resorts prepared for the Apocalypse? Texas Trident Lakes is one of the latest entries to the booming market of apocalypse bunkers designed for the protection of families in case the inevitable happens.

Years ago when American President John F. Kennedy spoke to the Americans in July 25, 1961, he discussed the need for “new to our shores” emergency preparedness including fallout shelters. Bunkers that were designed during the era were designed to shelter families if in case the Cold War turns hot. The bunkers were made from cement with foldout beds and stockpiles of food.

Nothing happened; the world remained peaceful. However, fears are back because of nuclear arms but bunkers being prepared are more like luxurious resorts where you can ride out various doomsday scenarios.

Rising S Bunkers is one of the companies that specialize in high end bunkers. The Presidential bunker offers a gym, workshop, recreation room, greenhouse and car depot. Since last year the sales for the $500,000+ units increased by 700%. The more modest units on the other hand gained only 150% increase.

Several companies that make luxurious bunkers have not disclosed the names of their customers but according to CEO Gary Lynch, the company’s clients include Hollywood celebrities and well known sports superstars. Other luxury units are being marketed for businessmen and bankers in the likes of Bill Gates who is rumoured to have a bunker under his homes in the states of Washington and California.

The idea for the Cold War shelters is to design them to be as accessible as possible; near the home and easy to get to. However, a few bunker companies are building an entire survival luxury community with subterranean swimming pools. Trident Lakes in Texas is designed like a resort for enjoyment and comfort.

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