Lost Diamond Engagement Ring In Italy Had A Happy Ending 9 Years Later

A couple from New Jersey recounts how it feels to have lost something only to find out it is just somewhere stuck in the corner. Couples who are planning to get diamond engagement rings in Melbourne should read closely to this remarkable story of a couple who lost and found their engagement ring.

Justin and Margaret Mussel who are residents of Brick, New Jersey recounted how they lost their diamond engagement ring about nine years ago in Italy.

Earlier this August, they were reunited to the ring after they found it in a sidewalk in Italy. It was sitting comfortably in a crack in the road.

It was 2006 when the couple got marriedand during the summer of 2008, they decided to visit a town located in the southern part of Italy, San Marco deiCavoti. This is where the family of Margaret has a family home.

Justin shared the day when they lost the ring. It was after they checked out Pompeii and the weather was really hot. They know that the ring is quite loose for his wife’s ring finger and it was notlater in the day that they were able to notice its absence. Once they came back home after sightseeing, she took a nap and it was upon waking up that she realized it was no longer there.

The ring has princess cut diamond which is 1.1 carat and the band was white gold. Despite the renter’s insurance covering the lost of the ring, it was not honoured since it got lost in another country.

After giving birth to two boys, the couple decided to come back to San Marco deiCavoti and they did not expect that they will be reunited with the ring. It was a normal day as Justin was sitting on the front yard when he noticed that something is shining in the sidewalk every time a car passes by.

Justin reached into the crack with a screwdriver because it is quite deep and it was when the ring showed up. His wife couldn’t believe it when he called her and it looks exactly the same as the replacement ring she has. The couple is advising those who are looking for diamond engagement rings in Melbourne to take extra care but a remarkable story as this wouldn’t hurt anyone.