Losing Weight: Diet, Exercise Or Both?

There are multiple reasons that justify the need to lose weight. Being overweight increases a person’s risk of many chronic health conditions that affect longevity, not only the quality of life. For each five-point growth in body mass index (BMI), mortality due to diabetes increases by 116%, mortality due to a renal disease increases by 60% and mortality due to a vascular disease increases by 30%.

Weight loss and exercise to prevent health issues

With the numbers being so substantial, it is no longer a surprise why many healthcare professionals suggest losing excess weight l prior to it affecting health.

Aside from weight loss, exercise also has a proven record for improving health and longevity.

Given the effectiveness of both, could a combination of eating lesser and exercising more provide twice the benefits as compared to when only one is followed?

Weight loss by diet, exercise or both

A US research team did a test on fifty-two overweight men and women. They divided the group to three. The aim was a weight loss of 6 to 8 percent during a 12 to 14 week period by diet, exercise and both.

The three approaches were designed to have a 20% energy deficit. A reduction of portion sizes and a replacement of high-calorie food and snacks to whole grains, vegetables and fruits were expected from the diet-only group. A daily medium- to high-intensity cardiovascular exercise was encouraged for the exercise-only group. Everyone was monitored through the duration of the study, and the diet and exercise instructions were adjusted so everyone can realize a similar level of weight loss.

The three groups lost a similar amount of weight, around 7%, and a similar reduction in fat mass by 15% and waist circumference. Even with the differences in their methods of weight loss, everyone had a similar 10% reduced risk of developing a cardiovascular disease.


In sum, when thinking about the best way in order to lose weight for health reasons, it depends on a person’s preference. It can be through diet alone, such as eating lesser or taking an HCG supplement with a low calorie diet, through exercise, or a combination of both. Whatever that is, it is guaranteed to shed those pounds off and improve a person’s health and well-being.