Increased Funding Required For The Roof Repair Of Attleboro Public Library

The roof repairs at the Attleboro Public Library were initially estimated at $104,000 but it seems that the cost will double after the contractor found some unexpected problems. If the city decides to expand the project because the aging HVAC units at the roof have to be replaced at the soonest possible time, the repair costs may likely reach $1 million.

Marc Zawatsky of ABM Group told the city councillors that John F. Shea Co. has requested for an additional $88,000 increase on the initial estimate of $104,000 after discovering that two of the three roofs that were scheduled for repairs were constructed differently of a different material. The 3 roofs that have to be repaired are part of the library’s addition. The roofs are already 27 years old and cover about 7,000 square feet.

Library director Joan Pilkington-Smyth wrote a letter to Mayor Kevin Dumas to inform him about the leaks on the roof that they have been suffering from for years in spite of numerous repairs. At the request of Mayor Dumas, the city council approved the release of $104,016 for the roof repair.

The first roof was repaired without any issues but when the contractor was about to repair the other two roofs, they found out that decking, slope and insulation were different. Vapour barriers were missing and insulation has to be replaced because it was saturated with water. The issues were unknown to the contractor when he made a bid for the project.

The advising contractor also missed the fact that the roofs were different. The problem is further exacerbated by the layer of stones or ballast that keeps the roof in place. Since the ballast has already been removed, the roof sections are in danger of being blown off if hit by strong winds. The council will consult with another engineer to determine what should be done.

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