Hungry Termites Affecting Melbourne Homes

First there was mosquitoes, then flies and now, the insect experts already issued a warning that termites are going to march on homes through Melbourne.

Ideal weather events leading to termites

Due to the ideal weather events, the termites are now “having a ball” as mentioned by Dr Don Ewart, who is an entomologist teaching pest management at the Melbourne Polytechnic.

As indicated by Dr Ewart, the similar weather conditions which have created the right environment for the latest mosquito and fly explosion are becoming the perfect conditions for the breeding and exploring of termites.

He mentioned that the wet spring created the right conditions for the termites to spread, and the pest managers that specialize in termite work are rushing off their feet.

Dr Ewart said that it is already shaping up as a bad summer. It may have already been bad but people did not notice.

He mentioned that there is a high soil moisture, making a huge difference to termites. They usually go tunnelling and it gets easier in finding places to attack, with these attacks normally going for some weeks or months without people noticing.

Termites get attracted by dampness and moisture which means that anything that involves water is hazardous for homeowners.

Dr Ewart said that the termites need to drink always and when the food is near a water source, their life is pretty good.

The suburbs like Footscray, South Melbourne and Williamstown get many attacks during this time in the year, but the other suburbs are not immune, too, according to him.

Tips on how to deal with termites

According to Dr Ewart, these are the early signs of termite infestation.

• Many discarded wings inside a house
• A skirting board dent from a vacuum cleaner
• Unusual bits of mud seen in plasterwork
• Bubbling or cracked paint

If there are termites, he mentioned that since they are going to move to a different place in a house when disturbed, it is best to call pest control professionals for them to inspect the house right away.

Regardless if it is termite control in Melbourne or Termite Management in Sydney, depending on location, it is important to call for professional help so these termites are dealt with accordingly.