How To Prolong Tesla Battery In Gold Coast

Solar panels are one of those home utilities that you invest on. And just like any other investment, you want it to be serviceable for the longest time to experience its maximum potentials. To extend the life of your tesla battery in Gold Coast, take a look at the following ideas:

Rotate the batteries

The downside of keeping big battery banks is that batteries tend to be charged unevenly. The tendency of outer batteries is toget better charging while those in the middle part fall short with power load. To solve uneven charging, rotate the batteries time and again. Interchangethe middle part with the outside batteries and so on. This interchanging of batteries will help in balancing the charging activity of your batteries.

Keep ideal number of batteries

If possible, limit the number of your batteries for up to 16 on your bank. You can also lessen the number depending on your requirement. The more batteries you have on your bank, the more connections you require. Every connection of tesla battery in Gold Coast increases resistance and this leads to uneven charging.

Periodically check the charging status of batteries

Do not leave your batteries uncharged for prolonged periods. Keep your charging source on to properly charge the batteries. Uncharged or poorly charged batteries damage the batter and its performance. But then again, regularly check the charging status of the batteries to prevent it from overcharging.  In a nutshell, there are actual benefits of having your batteries overcharged from time to time as it allows unevenly charged batteries to get fully charged.

Use distilled water

Avoid using battery additives or electrolytes as they can damage your battery. Only use distilled water as they do not contain elements that damage batteries.

As an additional caring tip, review your charge controller manual to optimize the functions and life of your tesla battery in Gold Coast. You can also consult your inverter to determine how you can better care of your batteries or equalize them. Contact a qualified inverter to ensure quality service and optimum results.