How To Create A More Peaceful Environment In The Home

Can you soundproof a window is one of the typical questions asked by individuals who are stressed out from the noise coming from the outdoors. The sounds made by noisy neighbors, traffic in the street, planes flying overhead or loud music can be very stressing particularly if you trying to relax. Noise disturbs sleep that is why many are wondering about the ways to soundproof a home to create a more peaceful environment.

Noise enters a home through the windows, doors, floors and walls. Soundproofing has become popular because homeowners want to keep noise out. In some instances, soundproofing can be difficult because of the way the home has been designed. Open floor plans, lightweight materials and hard surfaces play a significant role in a noisy home.

It is easier to soundproof a home while construction is still going on. Soundproofing can include denser insulation between the walls and floors, thicker drywall material, adding a second layer of drywall and noise proofing compound between sheets when the drywall has been installed. Another option is the use of acoustical sealant on corners where the drywall meets and around outlets to minimize the entry of outdoor noise.

Materials for home construction must be measured based on their effectiveness. There are ratings that can be considered to determine how much sound can be stopped by a certain material. The ratings that are referred to as Sound Transmission Class (STC) must be high enough to achieve better soundproofing capabilities. Windows, carpets and insulation have STC ratings that are highly effective in blocking out undesirable sounds.

Can you soundproof a window in an old home? When your home has single paned windows, it is very easy to hear the conversation of your neighbors or the chirping of birds in the morning. To soundproof windows, choose the new double-paned, insulated windows with an acrylic frame. The STC rating is usually between 28 and 35.

Can you soundproof a window without spending too much? Heavy drapes can block sound waves but you won’t get any light from the window. Laminated glass is a good insulation material because it has the capability dampen vibrations and reduce noise coming from the outdoors.