How To Choose A Company For Strata Cleaning In Sydney

There are numerous companies that offer strata cleaning in Sydney. All of these companies advertise their best features just to attract more customers. With all the good things they say about their company and with all the options out there, choosing a company of strata cleaners can be daunting. However, the task should not be that challenging. Here are some ideas.

Find out about the offered services

One important thing that you have to know is whether the company offers the kind of service or services that you need. Check from the company’s website for their list of services and the services that they specialize on. By looking at the services offered, you will cut to the chase and save time along the process. If you just saw the ad from the yellow pages or classified ads on the newspaper, call the company for more information since these types of advertisements come with limited information.

Ask about the company’s cleaning methods

Find out when the strata cleaning in Sydney would do the cleaning and if it would disrupt your service deliver. Otherwise, suggest a cleaning schedule on a Sunday when your establishment is closed but if your establishment is open 24/7 you can have the cleaning schedule during low peak. Also, ask the company of their cleaning methods and if they use eco-friendly products. Some cleaning solutions have strong stench and this may deter your customers away or put your employees at risk. As much as possible, it would be best if the strata cleaners use water-based products for cleaning.

Ask for business license and certificates

Before hiring a company for strata cleaning in Sydney, find out if they have a license to operate their business and if they have the certificates that guarantee that they are have fulfilled the standard requirements provided by the law. A license also guarantees that you can file a complaint if anything untoward happens during the company’s job performance. On the other hand, an insurance gives you the guarantee that any damages incurred in your property during the cleaning will be properly compensated.