How The Bakhtari Rugs Differ From The Contemporary Rugs Used Today

Many homeowners dream of having a Persian carpet in their homes because of its mesmerizing designs. If you will look closely at the Persian rugs that are displayed in showrooms, you will notice the significant differences in their designs, colours and patterns. Since Persian carpets are highly coveted items, it is important to ensure that they are cleaned properly by professional carpet cleaners.

The book titled “Khesht-hayeBakhtari” or Adobes of Bakhtari elaborates on the myth, symbolism and magic of the rugs woven by the Bakhtaris, a south-western Iranian tribe and sub-group of the Lur ethnic group. The book is based on the master’s degree dissertation of Zeynab Baba Ahmadi in 2015 with the title “Structural and Contextual Analysis of Bakhtari Hand-woven Rugs.

According to the book, “Kheshti” carpets include the most popular designs among all the Bakhtari rugs. In the Kheshtidesigns, various motifs of birds, animals and plants are put into squares or compartments to create a very conspicuous check-board or latticed garden. One of the interesting features of the Kheshti designs is that each of the compartments presents a different motif and colour scheme from the other compartments. The end effect is a mesmerizing medley of different designs.

When the Kheshti garden design is used in the creation of carpets, you will see flowers, roses and tendrils. The old Bakhtari carpets are usually created from beautifully rendered design elements inspired by Iran’s flora and fauna. Unlike the Persian rugs, it is quite rare to find curvilinear designs.

The book also describes how rugs are woven in Chaharmahal-Bakhtari Province in the Zagros Region where you can find the nomadic Bakhtari tribe. This tribe is one of the oldest of the known Iranian tribes that eventually settled down in the 19th century. Today there are 200 rug-weaving villages in the province, the most popular of which is the capital city of Shahr-Kurd.

Even if your carpet is not made by tribes in Iran, it is only right to have you carpet cleaned by professional carpet cleaning in Perth. Difficult stains will be removed as well as any signs of mold growth. Dust will be totally removed so that the air quality inside the home will be improved.