How Melbourne Family Lawyers Can Protect The Elders From Abuse

Elderly abuse, which will need Melbourne family lawyers, begins with women who have undergone harmful domestic relationships, or grannies with terminal cancer, to cruelly self-reliant oldsters, and seniors who can’t get their problematic kids to leave home.

The Australian parliamentary have inquired about some stories of elderly abuse victims and how seniors from all walks of life have been greatly affected.

The Melbourne family lawyers, Vicki Edwards and Fran Ottolini, have submitted the case study to assist the helpless victims.

One perfect example is that of an 80-year-old woman, who only planned what to wear for her granddaughter’s wedding, ended up signing papers that she handed the ownership of her house to her granddaughter.

Another incident is a flimsy elderly who thought she had found peacefulness after series of domestic violence, and ended up in a nursing home, when her son used all her money to buy himself a new house.

The Melbourne family lawyers say most of their clients are senior women aged 60 and above, and have been prone to more risks of abuse in times of bad health or grief, and will need to rely totally on trusted family and friends.

Some of the culprits are their own daughters. Some are boomerang kids, who return to live with their senior parents, after a broken relationship, lost their jobs, or have mental health issues.

These arrangements may work for some families, but there are also those who refuse to move out from their parents’ house. There are also those which have resulted to violence restraining orders for protection.

The parliamentary committee of Melbourne family lawyers have been tasked to determine the situations of elderly abuse, their predominance and risks involved.

In this submission, the vulnerabilities of the elderly abuse have included loss of trust, especially when they are isolated, have ageist attitudes, and some health issues.

The committee argued that elderly abuse is far different from domestic or family violence as it involves abuse of trust.

Many believe that elderly abuse is the closing stage of domestic and family violence, as it involves domination, control and fear, which is a stage for the recurring cycle.