How An Embedded Computer Works?

An embedded computer is incorporated into another device. It is not used as a standalone computer nor is it recognised as a computer device. However, they manage the quality and functionality of the device. For this reason, there is a rising need for embedded computers. It means a rising number of computing power, integration and connectivity on technology.

Everyday products and places are eventually the result of computers being embedded. It has become a major trend where an embedded computer is integrated into a device that doesn’t need a computer anymore. Consider the changes taking place with modern cars. They are taking over the basic functions like the navigation and braking systems. So here are markets that are benefiting the usage of embedded computers:

  • Healthcare

Healthcare technology has been an emphasis to most hospital and care facilities. This technology is now used as a tool to enhance patient satisfaction and to emphasise patient centered care. For this purpose, embedded computers are incorporated in many healthcare devices like the pacemaker and medical wearables.

  • Consumer Electronics

Embedded computers have played a vital role in the development of consumer electronics. Just think about cameras, televisions and phones that are now considered ‘smart’. Their added features are a result to modern technology, which are actually results of embedded computers.

  • Industry

Industrial applications have improved to be more efficient due to embedded computers. These systems are not integrated in factory controllers, paint mixing machines, and even traffic lights. They have made jobs in the industry simpler and more convenient.

Another example of the usage of an embedded computer is the ATM machines. Because of it, the machine can dispense money to everyone accessing it.

  • Home Electronics

Home intelligence and automation are the results of the incorporation of embedded computers. An intelligent home owns home appliances that don’t require inputs from humans. One example is the self-regulating thermostats, which can be controlled using an application. There is also the washing machine, dishwasher and the overused microwave.

  • Offices

An office environment will need computers to be able to function well. However, we are not talking about the standalone computers, but the embedded computer integrated to your calculator, clever office phone and wireless printer connected to your desktop PC.