Hotel Design As The Definition Of Its Personality And Brand

Design in no longer exclusive to boutique hotels. Giants in the hospitality industry like Marriot, Hyatt and Hilton are getting rid of their outdated design legacies because guests expect their hotels to look good. If the current retail and interior design accomplishments are any indication, design does not necessarily need to cost a fortune.

Whether the hotel is intended for high end consumers or budget conscious travellers, the hotel must offer the guests something they can feel good about. Design has always played a key role in defining a hotel’s personality or brand and today’s consumers are intuitively attuned to interpret design according to their own perceptions. With the entry into the market of home furnishings and fashion names, consumers expect design to be raised even higher this year.

The mere fact that Airbnb has been successful in launching tours and activities; it should be a clear sign for hotels to pay more attention to the experiences of their guests outside the hotel. They need to focus on a more holistic approach to their guest’s overall experience than delivering the services that they used to do.

Loyalty programs remain to be the backbone of the hospitality industry and it is not expected to change this year. While many hotel chains are focusing on marketing strategies to strength their loyalty programs, it is important to take a closer look at what airlines are doing now. In the case of airlines, their loyalty programs have increasingly become more rewarding and large spending over anything else. Loyalty is on the age of awkward adolescence because f the consumer’s changing behaviours and expectations.

However, the hospitality industry must never forget that the heart of the industry is people. Sometimes, in the pursuit of profits and efficiency, hotels overlook their biggest and most important resource which is people.

The retro hotel in Sukhumvit strives to provide the best for its guests not only in terms of the way the hotel is designed but how it allows people to celebrate in style. A guest who does not want crowded restaurants and bars can simply go to the rooftop bar and enjoy the breathtaking view of Bangkok.