Here’s How You Can Reuse Your Brown Paper Bags

The use of paper bags can greatly help our environment that is why most grocery stores and supermarkets are now opting to use paper bags as baggage for shoppers. However, the problem that one might experience with paper bags is that they are prone to piling up. Without further use, you’ll just be leaving your paper bags in storage and this presents a problem when you are a constant shopper. Luckily, there is a way to get around this problem. Surely, the best thing to do when your brown paper bags pile up is to reuse them. Here are a few ways you can reuse your brown paper bags.

1. Paper Boxes. Making paper boxes is not that difficult. In fact, even kids would be able to make them because it’s that easy. All you would need is glue, old paper bags from the grocery, some clothespins and scissors. You will find a number of tutorial videos on how you can make paper boxes on the Internet. The best thing about paper boxes is that they’re not only stylish and sturdy, but useful as well. Also, you can make your own variations!
2. Wrapping Paper. Now, you may have already received gifts wrapped in brown paper bags before because it’s not that uncommon. Brown paper bags can definitely be used as wrapping paper for presents as they give admirable simplicity and elegance. Although you would have to add certain decorative elements in order to maximize the present’s appearance.
3. Mini Scrapbooks. A creative way of reusing brown paper bags is to turn them into mini scrapbooks. The brown paper bags could be cut and serve as pages of the mini scrapbook, fasten them and all you would have to do is design.
4. Envelopes. If you are good with your hands, steady cutting and folding would mean you’d never run out of brown envelopes.
5. Compost Material. Brown paper bags are biodegradable and make for good compost. Shred the paper bags and then add them to a compost pile.
6. Book Covers. Another effective use for brown paper bags is using them as cover for books. The plus side is that you can also decorate and draw on them.
7. Ripen Fruits. One of the best ways to ripen a fruit is by placing it in a paper bag.