Here Is The Most Useless Website In The World

In this digital age, Perth websites can be considered as one of the most useful things in the world. Websites can portray many roles. They can be a useful resource for information, a way for people to connect with one another, and a medium for business making.

Since the Internet has become the symbol of the modern age and a global hotspot for opportunities, it is the epitome of usefulness as it is also accessible to every person. Due to this reason, one person found it funny to launch a website that seemingly contradicts the usefulness and accessibility of websites. To put it simply, he launched the most useless website the world has ever known. is the website that was founded by Justin Foley and true to its name; it is very exclusive allowing only one person to access it at a time.
For you to be able to access the site, you must request a ticket that will enable you to access a sixty-second window. Since the website only enables one person to access it at a time, you can expect the number of people waiting in line. As of Tuesday, there are only about 40,000 people that you need to get behind.

According to Justin Foley, who is a web developer from Columbus, Ohio, the idea for just came to him. He says that he wanted to create a website that has qualities that are contradicting to what websites should be. Since websites are meant to be easily accessible for people, his website was designed to be the exact opposite.

The site was first launched in March after Foley wanted to try a new programming framework but it was when Johnny Webber ranked it first among completely useless websites this week, when people started visiting the site.

A lot of people have actually waited in line just to get a glimpse of what the site is really about but some are unfortunate enough to miss their queues.
Now, for those who are wondering what the contents of Foley’s website are, why not visit it yourselves so that you can prove whether or not it truly is the most useless website in the internet.