Four Companies Fined Because Of Improper Asbestos Removal

If you have recently purchased an old home, your best option if to have it inspected by asbestos removal in Sydney to remove risks to health and life. If the home was built before the mid-eighties, it is very likely that the insulation, floor or ceiling tiles and piping contain asbestos. Removal must be handled carefully by professionals to avoid the asbestos material from being disturbed and damaged.

In Salem, 4 companies are required to pay the state $340,000 in a settlement that is linked to illegal asbestos removal at Pioneer Terrace, one of the largest properties of Salem’s Housing Authority. Apparently, the 4 companies have violated the state’s clean air law and regulations while undertaking renovation work at Pioneer Terrace last June 2015.

Pioneer Terrace is a state-run public housing for the elderly and contains 104 one-bedroom, garden-style apartments that were spread in several buildings. The renovations mostly involved exterior work like new windows, doors and different repairs. Residents of Three Pioneer Terrace recalled that during the renovation, dust control measures were inadequate and contaminants were not properly handled.

According to John Conklin, he remembered that insulation vacuuming was undertaken when the windows were replaced but fibre particles were left in the air. He was not sure whether the particles were fibreglass or asbestos. Another resident said that plastic sheets were placed in the work area but dust was flying outside. Nobody made the effort to clean up the dust.

It seemed that the companies did not follow the proper procedures for the protection of the workers and residents from harmful asbestos exposure. They are also failed to properly store and contain asbestos materials. Investigators from the state’s Department of Environmental Protection found out that E & F employees violated asbestos removal regulations at nearly every building they worked in.

Asbestos is a fine, fibrous material that can cause cancer and lung condition if breathed over a period of years. Asbestos used to be a common material for insulation and fire protection. Because asbestos is hazardous, you need to call asbestos removal in Sydney if the home contains the material. Do not attempt to remove asbestos; it must be carried out by professionals.