Fire Blast: Can Be Due to Cheap Tyres In Brisbane Or Just A Random Accident

Looking for a quality tyre in Brisbane will not be difficult for anyone since there are a lot of shops in Brisbane that sell different types of tyres. They are piled up everywhere. It is very important to have tyres of high quality in order to prevent tyre-related accidents on the road. Tyres are components of the car that should be checked every time you drive because any problem with these can pose a safety issue to the passengers. In most of the shops in Brisbane, you will find a wide range of tyres, including car tyres, 4×4 tyres, motorsport tyres and others. There are really expensive tyres but there are also cheap tyres in Brisbane that anyone, even the typical driver, can afford.

Sometimes you see tyres being piled up on the side of the road exposed under the sun. Some of the shops don’t keep them inside for the purpose of showcasing their tyre products to those who are passing by.  But it is very important that people should take precautionary measures when they have piles of tyres in their possession. Tyres when burned can pose harm on one’s health. They are made up of synthetic rubber along with carbon black and other chemical compounds.Last June 27, 2017, at 7 in the morning, a fire started from tyre recycling depot in Rocklea producing a heavy smoke that posed harm on people’s health. Firemenwent there to rescue and tried using an excavator to break up the tyres to reach the cause of the heavy fire. It started as a black smoke though they managed to pacify that. Because of the massive smoke that was circulating all over the place, Queensland’s chief health officer Jeanette Young informed all the people and the residents to keep doors and windows closed. They did not mention the kind of tyre that caused the blazing fire. Can it be because of a random accident or due to cheap tyres in Brisbane that are being piled up everywhere? There is no exact reason for this.

Tyres can exude toxic fumes and this can affect someone’s health. It can cause headache, dizziness, and worse, problem in the respiratory system that can have a lot of complications.