Direct Cabinet Fuses With Renowned ‘US LBM’

US LBM sets its eyes on spreading their sphere of influence and making their self, more known within the coasts of Florida Markets and Northeast. They have planned to improve by leaps and bounds together with one of the most renowned and high-end company, ‘Direct Cabinet Sales’ which is known to be a prominent designer, Installer and Distributor of Kitchen Cabinetry.

The Housing Market on the United States is ever-improving and this incomparable partnership made by two well-known groups will surely set the bar higher for both the supplies and services of Cabinetries to be served to families or contractors who needs them.

The US LBM – renowned for the high-end building materials which it distributes, gave the news of its partnership to the Cabinet Sales on the 17th of April, 2015. The Cabinet Sales resides on the coast of New Jersey in Dayton and it was founded on 1990 by Joe DeMussi who’s still the president of the company.

After the said acquisition, the management within the team of ‘Direct Sales’ wouldn’t change at all since DeMussi will still be able to retain his position and will still be working with the same team he’s been working with on their everyday operation. The company makes designs, distributes and install the Kitchen Cabinetry they make to each of its consumer, may it be for residential purposes, commercial or contractual goals.

They have Showrooms and Distribution Centers on New Jersey and this will be the big step that will connect US LBM to them. Joe DeMussi also claimed that these was a choice that would definitely nurture their company and help them retain the top position they’re on right now. He further proves it by implicating that out of all the companies which are looking for their cooperation, they took the offer of US LBM as this was the best opportunity they were looking for.

In comparison, US LBM CEO, also stated that the partnership will surely be able to increase their market presence along with the improvement of their capabilities and stature within the industry. The two companies are now looking forward to face the great future ahead, which they have set their eyes on.