Danish Brands Foresees Growth In Chinese Market

TMall Global has a wide reach of consumers all over the world, with more than 400 million just in China. These consumers love to shop in Alibaba’s e-commerce stores. Currently, Tmall Global has launched a “Denmark Pavilion” showcasing Danish products and services.

There are different Danish companies taking part in this Pavilion. Danish brands in various industries are presenting their products and services to the Chinese markets to continuously promote the goods that they have to offer to the millions of Chinese customers. Note that these companies are also already selling their stuff in the Tmall Global and Tmall.com, Alibaba’s domestic B2C shopping site via their own websites but the pavilion provides them another venue to display their wares.

Different brands from various industries such as fashion, home, electronics, and food took part in this event. Together with delegates from both China and Denmark present in the opening of the event, representatives from the 30 exclusively selected Danish brands were also in attendance. Some attendees were CEOs and Board of Directors members from companies and brands like makers of Danish watches, Lars Larsen Watches. Jacob Jensen Design, industrial designer, and footwear maker, ECCO were also in attendance. This is the dedicated venue to exhibit the products that they are creating to share Danish culture through its products. Denmark now joins a long list of countries such as the United States, Germany, and Australia to open pavilions in Tmall Global.

The opening of the celebration was broadcasted via live feed over the internet reaching millions of Chinese viewers. This broadcast was used to promote the different Danish brands especially for the new ones such as the dairy products from Arla and baby furniture by Flex to introduce them to the Chinese market. This event also bore witness to a memorandum of agreement between Alibaba and the nations to help boost Denmark exports to China. It has been said that this action will provide the Danish market direct access to Chinese middle-class consumers market.

Hopefully, this will be one of the successful ways for the continuous growth and development of the relations between these two countries. It is also notable that this agreement has come just after the state initiative of allowing more visitors between the two countries.