Contact A Pest Control To Treat Rodents In Your House

Winter months are now here and Brisbane homeowners are alarmed about rodent problems in and around the house. As it gets colder, rodents start to enter their homes for protection and warmth. This is when they start scratching up in the roof and making holes on the walls. It is a perfect time to call a pest control in Brisbane.

Rodents like rats and mice are considered pests that you want to get rid off in your property. Here are possible reasons why you want them out and utilize pest control in Brisbane.

  • Can be disease carriers

Rodents can possibly transmit a number of diseases that are hazardous to your family. Most diseases caused by them are proven fatal such as Leptospirosis and the medieval incidentof Black Death.

  • Can contaminate food

Rats may feed on foods that are eaten by humans. Now this can cause illness if the food is not kept or cooked well.

  • Can cause physical damage

A perfect example would be an electric fan casing on a roof. The live electric wires may be chewed by rodents, which can trigger fire in the house. To prevent this, contact a credible pest control in Brisbane to remove these pests.

  • Can trigger fear


There are those who fear rats or mice running free around the house. It sounds awful to have rodents running inside the walls and making noise up on the roof.

How to Get Rid of Rodents:

To get started, you should minimize the possible reasons why they can be in your house. You can secure your pet food, stored food and scraps from rodents. Clean your house regularly and seal up. If you have hens, keep their left overs so no rats can feed on them. Remember when there are rats, it is possible to have snakes around.

Rodents are brilliant climbers; hence,you should block entry points and rooms that keep food. If you don’t open much of your doors, no rodents can likely enter the house. Call for a highly trained pest control in Brisbane to check and eradicate rodents existing in your home quickly and safely.