Comic-Con Still A Thriving Success

The yearly San Diego Comic-Con International kicked off July 20 amidst the usual hassles.

In what used to be called as Golden State Comic Book Convention when it was founded in 1970 by San Diegans, it is now on its 47th year.

The union of San Diego and Comic-Con is still thriving. There seems to be no stopping this geek pop culture of science fiction and fantasy.

A lot of people waited all day before the 6pm exhibition hall opening last Wednesday. Prices were shocking with some toy figures running a hundred dollars each. It was no different whether it was sold from booths in the parking lots or from toy companies. There were also video games and comic books. While some pieces were sold expensively, there were still comic books selling for 1 dollar.

The show continued on through Sunday. Each day was defined by entertainment spectacles. But, it was also like going through endurance training and patience tests with all the numerous activities lined up for goers. People brought sleeping bags, blankets, chairs, snacks and lots of water to get themselves prepared for enduring the long waits and long lines. All this extravagance and exhilaration entailed patience, tolerance and energy. But people endured this for an experience like no other. Those experiences included seeing Star Trek Beyond’s premiere, its cast and the San Diego Symphony Orchestra on a live performance. There was a 2 hour wait to score tickets for this event.

Although some big studios have stepped back on their presence at Comic-Con, it still remained a marketplace for game manufacturers, publishers, fine art dealers, and so on. The number of goers rise up annually. There was a 135,000 estimate for this year.

The future of Comic-Con and other conventions like this still remains to be seen. While there is a huge cult following for this pop culture of science fiction and superhero stories, fans will always make their way to conventions. They may come as they are or they may be dressed in TV Store Online Costumes and walk their way through the halls to enjoy the acceptance of things geeky and nerdy as cool. There is no stopping them here.