Clerics As Financial Advisor In Australia To Clear His Name

Celibacy in the Roman Catholic religion is a must for parish clergies and local bishops. It is a rule of the Church to keep them unmarried and more focused on spreading out the religion.

But what if it affects the Vatican especially that one of the Pope’s senior advisors will be going home to Australia to face numerous sexual complaints. However, he is one financial advisor in Australia that has drawn more income for the Vatican.

Cardinal George Pell, one of the Vatican’s financial minister, has filed a leave of absence after being charged with multiple sexual assaults supposedly taken place many years ago.

Cardinal Pell, one of the highest-ranking official to face said charges, has declared his innocence and will return home to Australia to clear out his name.Australia’s Channel 9 has taken the footage of the 76-year old Cardinal on a stopover in Asia on his way to Melbourne to show up in court.

A tourist has also taken a video of the Cardinal in casual clothes with an associate outside an ice-cream shop in Singapore. The tourist asked him that his mother wanted to know if he’s innocent. The cleric replied, “Tell her that I am.”

Cardinal Pell is one innocent financial advisor in Australia working in all honesty for the Vatican.

Ever since police accused him, the cardinal appeared for the first time in public. He will appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court sometime July.

The state police of Victoria said the cleric will be charged with several counts of historical sexual abuse, which supposedly occurred years ago.

He had several victims for the assault and police haven’t released further information about the offenses.

The cardinal came out just before reporters at the Vatican press office emerged the claims. He then strongly denied the allegations and denounced that everything was merely a persisting character assassination in the media.

“I emphasize my innocence to all these accusations, which are untrue. The entire concept of the sexual assault is repugnant to me,” he admitted.

Cardinal Pell will return to Australia to face the charges that he claims are fictitious. He stands by the Catholic doctrine that he has never touched women before. He refuses to end his financial advisor in Australia job.