Choose The Las Vegas Hotel Wisely

Summer is near and almost every hotel all over the world is preparing for the influx of visitors from as faras luxury 5 star hotels in Bangkok to the high end hotels in Las Vegas. Indulging yourself in a vacation in Las Vegas does not seem crazy although there is the risk of losing all your money. This is precisely the reason why you need to hedge your bets with the Las Vegas hotel you pick.

If lady luck smiles on you, you can probably splurge on many of the luxury hotels that the Sin City offers. However, aside from the high roller hotels, there are also affordable hotels if you make the effort to look around.

If you have watched the film “Ocean’s Eleven”, it is very likely that you are familiar with Bellagio. It has the mesmerizing fountain show that you can watch from morning till night. The Bellagio is the perfect example of a Las Vegas luxury hotel with its stunning indoor botanical garden, 5 swimming pools, upscale restaurants and top of line entertainment.

There aren’t many hotels that can compare to the 5-pearl rating of Bellagio but if you want an alternative, you will have to search on a different side of Las Vegas. In downtown Las Vegas, you will find Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino that is a mix of Old Las Vegas and modern amenities. The property used to be a top resort but it now an iconic budget alternative.

The best entertainment can be found from Caesar’s Palace Hotel & Casino, but aside from the A-list superstar headlines, the property also features a 5,000 square feet Roman spa complex with classical architecture surrounding the pools. A cheaper alternative is Freemont Hotel and Casino where rooms are quiet and clean with four restaurants and four bars as your dining options.

On the other side of the world is Thailand where you will enjoy a different type of adventure. The luxury 5 star hotels in Bangkok will satisfy even the most discerning tastes. You can opt for the suites with their own private balconies that overlook the pool, gardens and cityscape of the capital city.