Certain Species Of Bed Bugs Can Escape Pest Control Traps

In 2014, genetic tests have revealed that with a single undetected pregnant bed bug, you will soon find an entire infestation in your home. A colony of thousands of bed bugs can be created from a pregnant bed bug that you ignored.

According to a recent research, some bed bugs are better at getting into your sheets and many of the leading traps used by pest control service providers are ineffective at getting rid of the little critters. Tropical bed bugs use the small pads on their legs to grip the surface of the trap and scale its inner walls.

In a study that was published in the Journal of Economic Entomology, it was revealed that the tropical bed bug, Cimex hemipterus has the capability to climb out of the smooth walls of pitfall traps. Researchers have tested four of the leading traps that were designed in the United States where the bed bug Cimex lectularius is most common. The traps were effective at trapping the adult C lectularius but not the C hemipterus that are better at using the pads on their feet for climbing.

After taking a closer look at the tibial pad of the adult C. hemipterus, the electron microscope scanner revealed the presence of greater number of hairs compared to the C. lectularius. It was also noticed that this certain species of bed bugs has a more developed organ for glandular secretion at the base of their hairs.

However, further study is necessary to understands why the enhanced hairs and glands in the tibial pads allow the C. hemipterus to climb a smooth vertical surface. According to Professor Chow Yang Lee of Universiti Sains Malaysia, regardless of how tropical bed bugs climb; it is their ability to escape the pitfall traps that has profound implications in the potential control and management of bed bug infestations.

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