CDAC Tutors Receive Awards For Helping Financially Challenged Students

A number of tutors from the Chinese Development Assistance Council’s tuition program, a specially created Singapore tuition agency,  received several awards and accolades recently due to their exemplary service and dedication to the CDAC’s cause: to help academically challenged and impoverished students across Singapore with their education.

The program was founded more than a decade ago, during 1993, and has since been helping students across the country, with a system designed to cater to academically challenged students from financially challenged backgrounds and families.

The CDAC recently held its awards ceremony this August 5 at the HDB Hub, honoring the exemplary tutors of the Singapore tuition agency for their service above and beyond the call of duty. This year, these three particular tutors were the focus of the accolades during the ceremony, with an additional 10 other tutors receiving the Bamboo and Willow Awards. Additionally, 59 tutors were recognized for their service, and 220 CDAC students were awarded for their notable academic improvement.

  • Alvin Goh, Tuition Centre Supervisor
  • Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Trade and Industry
  • Tan Guan Seng

Mr. Goh is a full-time teacher with 35 years of experience, with 25 of those years also spent as a CDAC tutor, having been one of the founding members of the group, being part of the program since its earliest days. Now, he is also one of the CDAC’s Tuition Centre Supervisors. He says that he finds the experience of being a tutor at CDAC more meaningful, as he sees the academically-challenged students struggling, then advancing rapidly; learning with the assistance of tutors like him, which he says is an uplifting thing to see.

Ms. Ling, both tutor and chairman of the CDAC’s Student and Parent Education Committee , stated that the CDAC would be working on developing workshops for parents regarding their children’s education, in order to aid the education process with parental support.

Mr. Guan Seng, was another Willow Award recipient, who was awarded due to his dedication in helping students who fell behind their peers, with one of his students, Ms. Gerlynn Ng, handing him his award, having managed to pass the entrance examinations for the Institute of Technical Education.