Mercedes Benz Taxi VIP Deployed In Bangkok

One of the ways to show your love for the senior parents is to treat them to a holiday. For your peace of mind, there is a hotel near Bumrungrad hospital in case of a health emergency. Since the hotel is in the heart of Bangkok’s tourist area, many attractions that range from dining to nightlife will only take a few minutes of walking.

Traffic is pretty heavy in Bangkok particularly during peak hours when people are in a hurry to go to school or the office. However, some people will tell you that they do not mind being caught in a traffic jam as long as there is Wi-Fi and a place where the mobile phone can be charged.

In response, All Thai Taxi Co. which is a joint venture between Nakhonchai Air, a bus operator and the Land Transport Department, launched the first fleet of Mercedes Benz “Taxi VIP” last Friday morning. The first fleet is composed of 15 VIP vehicles but another 100 is expected to be dispatched to the roads by August.

How does the Taxi VIP differ from other taxis? The vehicle is equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker, credit card reader, camcorder and a police-powered panic button if the passenger feels at risk. Passengers also get free mineral water, the daily newspaper and cool towels during the journey.

Fare starts at 150 baht and increases by 16 baht every kilometre. If the traffic is fairly heavy, the fare goes down to 6 baht per kilometre. In the regular taxi, the meter starts at 35 baht and increases to 2 baht per kilometre thereafter.

Taxi VIP is available through Taxi OK app that can be downloaded to the Apple or Android phone. The app is managed by the Land Transport Department.

If you need to travel to another destination in Bangkok, you have the option of cheaper fare through the Skytrain or the underground train. However, to save yourself from stressful traffic jams, a better option is hotel near Bumbungrad hospital, shopping malls, dining and nightlife. You do not even need a taxi because the attractions are walking distance from the hotel.