Answers To Problem With Your Christmas Parcel

According to a survey conducted by Which?, 56 per cent of consumers in the United Kingdom that are expecting their parcels did not receive it within the expected date while 21 per cent of them did not receive at least one of their orders. During the holiday season, a Melbourne courier company said that demand is higher and online shopping added to the huge increase in deliveries.

Many online shoppers turned to social media to voice their complaints regarding the poor service. These complaints were directed to Hermes, a delivery firm, because their Christmas packages are damaged, left exposed to the snow and some are missing.

Amazon received additional controversy because some of their customers decided to subscribe to Prime for a fee with an assurance that their parcels will be delivered the next-day. in fact, some of them received their parcels two times longer than the promised next-day delivery. With these, the retail giant might be under the scrutiny of Advertising Standards Authority soon.

This is why it is recommended that shoppers should know about a shop’s last posting day and accept the fact that delays are part of the Christmas season. Here are some things to keep in mind if your parcel is delayed, you should look at the contract between you and the retailer, not the courier. Even if the courier lost your package, the retailer should correct the issue. Contact the retailer in case of a delay and they will track your order through the courier. You can demand for a refund of the delivery fee you paid for if shipment is delayed.

If there is damage in the contents of your parcel, the responsibility lies on the retailer because they are the ones making sure that the items will remain safe while in transit. Contact them regarding the damage and they should send a brand new item or offer to refund your money.

You can cancel an order if your order did not arrive within 30 calendar days, as confirmed by a Melbourne courier company, but if waiting time is less than that then you will have to decide based on the small print when you ordered.


The Real Deal Between Gifts And Giveaways

People still hangover from the holiday season wherein they suffered through the Christmas rush as they buy gifts or what they call as gifts for people in their lives. Gift giving has always been based on the concept of reciprocity wherein someone gives something and in exchange they are expecting something in return. It does not have to be expensive because the thought of giving is what matters most. The problem these days is that gift giving has become an obligation. People are busy every holiday looking for gifts that at the end of the day they end up buying giveaways and have forgotten the essence of gift giving. Giveaways are the same products used in promotional merchandise in Australia. The main goal of a giveaway is to promote one’s self or brand.

It is common for giveaways to have the name of the person or the company, it can have a logo and other important that will make the receiver remember the giver or the brand it carries. The sad thing about giveaways is the there is no sentimental value in what is given thus the receiver might not feel attached and ends up gifting it to someone else.

In comparison, a gift is considered very special because of the thought and effort invested into it. One good example is the way Japanese wrap their presents. The manner is elaborate and the wrapper used is ecological because it can be reused. The most common wrapper they used is cloth known locally as furoshiki and the wrapper itself is a part of present.

Another way to make the gift more precious is the effort in choosing the gift wrapper. Look at how kids get excited when they receive something wrapped. It keeps the mystery and surprise going. This is one of the exciting parts of receiving presents.

There is no denying that giveaways have a place in the holiday season especially if you are giving to a group of people such as your co-workers. It is common to see promotional merchandise in Australia but people should know the difference between giveaways and gifts especially during the season of giving.


Kids’ Diet Can Positively Impact Their Physical And Emotional Health

Recent study has shown that kids who are eating healthy are happier while those who are happier tend to eat healthier foods. The interesting fact is that the weight of the child does not affect the analysis. We are in an age where kids health is given more importance than ever because of the growing problem in obesity as well as overweight children in the United States and all over the globe.

According to statistics, one in every three children and teenagers in the United States are obese or over their recommended body weight. What is more worrying is the fact that the figure in the 1970s has already tripled.

Aside from the various health problems brought by being obese, it can also impact the psychological well-being of a child. If a child is overweight, he or she is more likely to suffer from depression, hate their body image and a low level of self-confidence.

The most recent study was conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Academy located in Sydney. They analyzed the correlation between a child’s weight and psychological well-being.

The study has a total of 7,675 participants between the age of 2 and 9 years old. They came from eight countries in Europe including Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Estonia, Italy, Germany and Hungary.

The parents disclosed the usual diet of the child and each of them are given a designated Healthy Dietary Adherence Score. Their psychological well-being was also assessed. The trial lasted for two years.

Result showed that there is a link in the diet of children between the age of 2 and 9 years old and their psychological well-being. The report states that children with higher self-esteem at the beginning are those that achieved a high HDAS at the end of the study. The study also shows that the weight of the child does not affect their psychological well-being or their HDAS.

Research such as this is important in finding more facts about kids health and how the parents and community can ensure the well-being of their child in every aspect including physical and emotional.


Thailand As A Popular Destination For Indian Weddings

Thailand, a Southeast Asian country is widely known for its white sandy beaches, street food, night markets and medical tourism. Recently, many couples are visiting Phuket romantic resort that is a perfect gateway with the loved one. The resort is also open for special occasions that involve families and friends.

From January to September this year, Thailand welcomed 1.2 million Indian tourists to register a steep 16% increase over the same period last year. Figures are expected to further go up during the last quarter of 2017. Thailand is a popular destination for Indian tourists particularly with the opening of Chandigarh air connectivity with Bangkok. Air India has recently launched a direct flight to Bangkok to make it more convenient for Indian travellers.

The direct flight will facilitate Indian travel for pleasure, for wedding celebrations, business and corporate events. The direct flight will take less than 5 hours. Thailand has much to offer when it comes to attracting Indian tourists. There are travel packages offered for high-end tourists and budget travellers. It is guaranteed that the visitor will gain the most value for money because Thailand is a quality destination.

A romantic resort that is close enough to Kamala Beach and Patong Beach with the tranquil environment of the rainforest is perfect for a grand wedding celebration or a honeymoon. Besides Phuket and Bangkok, there are popular destinations on the northern side of Thailand and the east coast.

Due to the proximity of Thailand and the abundance of romantic resorts, Indians love to celebrate weddings and honeymoons in the place. Flights and accommodations are cost effective. Wedding couples can spend quality time with people that matter to them. The weather is almost alwaysfavourable to allow a wedding at the beach.

Positioned on the hills and away from the crowd of tourists is Phuket romantic resort that is offering visitors an unforgettable experience. A couple is guaranteed to enjoy the tranquil surroundings and the sanctuary of private pool villas. However, if you prefer to go out, Phuket also offers a social life that includes shopping, restaurants and bars and entertainment. Since Phuket is surrounded by water, you can also try sailing and snorkelling.


Australian Financial Market Forecasts The Entrance Of Asia’s Superyacht Trend Into The Market

The term ‘boat’ is simple and straightforward, but for the superyacht industry, it’s a clever acronym, which means ‘borrow another thousand’.

However, Lionel Louw, Australian mining expert and a founder of Virtual Consulting International, a worldwide consultancy firm says that the answer is simple: tap into the Phuket boat charter scene and charter a superyacht for your needs. Tellingly, he gave this answer during an interview whilst on-board a superyacht; the 32 metre Princess Sauvage made in Europe, which can play host to 10 guests as well the crew for a hefty price of 12,000USD/day.

Louw says that chartering simply makes much more sense financially, seeing as, if buying, there’s always going to be a bigger, better boat out by the following year. He made this statement whilst in attendance at the Kata Rocks Super Yacht Rendezvous, a special superyacht even which occurred over three days from the 8th to the 10th of December 2017, having ended with the standard, but extravagant cocktail event.

The creator of the Kata Rocks Resort, boat owner and property developer Richard Pope, moved into the yacht market after opening the Kata Rocks Resort, a 34-villa boutique hotel located in Phuket, back in November of 2014.

According to the Brit, Pope, the yacht market has usually been focused on the Caribbean and Mediterranean regions, and that the Kata Rocks Super Yacht Rendezvous was aimed at spreading them out into the Asia-Pacific, with the intention of sending a few of the yachts in the Phuket boat charter scene down under.

Pope says that some of the boats that participate in the KRSR are willing to spend $100,000 just on flowers, and ponders on what that can do for the tourism and businesses in any region.

Trenton Gay, Gold Coast City Marina’s CEO, had previously visited KRSR back in 2016 in its inaugural year and was impressed enough to create a similar event in Gold Coast, Queensland. Mr. Gay had stated that him and the Australian yacht market was supporting what was going on in Thailand, saying that once the luxury yachts for Thailand, they will go visit Oceania as well.

These positive assessments were reinforced by the market research by Azoth Analytics, which forecasted that the yacht market would have growth rate during 2017-2022 of 7.26% for every year during the timeframe. Boat International noted that there were 760 orders for super yachts that were currently in construction when 2017 started, which was an increase by .7% compared to 2016.


Experience Melbourne With Celebrities Through Airbnb

Many visitors are flocking to the metropolitan city of Australia with the desire to experience adventure activities in Melbourne but this can be further enhanced with the help of Airbnb. A new platform was created for travellers who are interested in mingling with entrepreneurs in the city. The platform is called Trips to Melbourne.

This can be accessed through Airbnb and it has a list of experiences that are powered by locals themselves with the desire to interconnect anyone from the entire globe who shares the same passions and interests.

Local experts designed over 60 activities or termed Experiences in the platform. All of these activities are based in Melbourne and is open for both locals and travellers.

There are many experiences on the list such as hiking inside a forest reserve to look for a group of kangaroos, experiencing coffee and food with a local connoisseur or exploring the street arts in the city and the hidden alleys.

Joe Gebbia, the co-founder as well as the chief product officer of Airbnb, said that the Experiences will be able to bring together local hosts that are passionate about what they do and travellers who share the same passion or interests.

Travelers are now given the chance to experience first-hand the culture, food, sports and fashion of the metropolitan city. The locals view this as a chance for travellers to be able to try new activities and to meet interesting people.

As these locals make money doing what they love, they also help in the local tourism of the city. For the launching, four celebrities in the city are going to join the Social Impact Experiences. All of the money from these activities will be donated to local charities.

With Social Impact Experiences, the visitors will be able to know more about the causes and passions of the celebrities they are with. There are no fees to be collected by the Airbnb and all the payment by the guests will be given to charity.

Guests are encouraged to sign up to experience adventure activities in Melbourne as well as immerse in the city’s culture, food and fashion.