Tips When Planning Your Summer Getaway

If you are planning for a summer getaway, what are you waiting for? It is time to book your flight and accommodation because summer airfare is expected to increase by 5.8% from last year, according to travel site Hooper. Don’t count out international destinations because currency fluctuations have made hotel stay more affordable.

Instead of choosing a specific destination, think of what you like to do and how you will enjoy your vacation. Perhaps, you want to go to the beach or hike on uneven trails. Search destinations that are better priced to allow you an affordable summer getaway.

It goes without saying that Thailand has one of the most beautiful beaches all over the world because of it clear waters, white sand and ideal climate; however, there are also remote islands that are worth visiting. Most of the beaches will be crowded by tourists who want to enjoy summer in the islands but if you walk a little further, you will surely find a peaceful space to spread your towel and enjoy the sunshine.

Don’t limit the search to the well known travel sites; search for affordable hotel booking and discounted flights from other third party sites because they might be offering a better deal. Prices are often based on where people prefer to travel this summer and the dates that they will likely travel. If the expected date of travel is flexible, try to pick a date when the prices are not too high. A family trip is more likely to be inexpensive at the end of the school year and start of another year.

Don’t limit your search for accommodation to the international hotel chains; there are lots of options that will yield bigger savings. There are other forms of savings beyond the nightly rates like free parking, free breakfast and 24-hour room service.

A hotel in South Pattaya has a range of rooms suitable for both the business and leisure traveller. No trip is complete unless you have tried the traditional Thai cuisine. Restaurants are walking distance from the hotel but if you prefer to stay indoors, dining and entertainment is also available.


Here’s How You Can Reuse Your Brown Paper Bags

The use of paper bags can greatly help our environment that is why most grocery stores and supermarkets are now opting to use paper bags as baggage for shoppers. However, the problem that one might experience with paper bags is that they are prone to piling up. Without further use, you’ll just be leaving your paper bags in storage and this presents a problem when you are a constant shopper. Luckily, there is a way to get around this problem. Surely, the best thing to do when your brown paper bags pile up is to reuse them. Here are a few ways you can reuse your brown paper bags.

1. Paper Boxes. Making paper boxes is not that difficult. In fact, even kids would be able to make them because it’s that easy. All you would need is glue, old paper bags from the grocery, some clothespins and scissors. You will find a number of tutorial videos on how you can make paper boxes on the Internet. The best thing about paper boxes is that they’re not only stylish and sturdy, but useful as well. Also, you can make your own variations!
2. Wrapping Paper. Now, you may have already received gifts wrapped in brown paper bags before because it’s not that uncommon. Brown paper bags can definitely be used as wrapping paper for presents as they give admirable simplicity and elegance. Although you would have to add certain decorative elements in order to maximize the present’s appearance.
3. Mini Scrapbooks. A creative way of reusing brown paper bags is to turn them into mini scrapbooks. The brown paper bags could be cut and serve as pages of the mini scrapbook, fasten them and all you would have to do is design.
4. Envelopes. If you are good with your hands, steady cutting and folding would mean you’d never run out of brown envelopes.
5. Compost Material. Brown paper bags are biodegradable and make for good compost. Shred the paper bags and then add them to a compost pile.
6. Book Covers. Another effective use for brown paper bags is using them as cover for books. The plus side is that you can also decorate and draw on them.
7. Ripen Fruits. One of the best ways to ripen a fruit is by placing it in a paper bag.


Here’s How Cyclists Can Keep Safe While On The Road

The world of sports can provide a person with prestige, fulfillment, and excitement. However, when one engages in sports, no matter if it’s professionally or just a personal interest, safety must always be prioritized. There’s no better feeling than feeling the fulfillment and excitement whilst staying safe. A lot of people are cycling enthusiasts. But cycling on the road presents its own form of danger. If you are passionate about cycling, here’s how you can stay safe.

  1. Be a Good Citizen. The first thing you should do is become familiar with all of the applicable traffic laws as well as the cycling rules. Remember, cycling also comes with a few responsibilities. Motorists will be able to respect cyclists more when they carefully adhere to the laws by which the local governments had placed on them. Don’t try to block traffic as much as possible and don’t use the wrong side of the street.
  2. Follow the Right Direction. And by right, it would be the direction of the traffic. It is definitely unsafe or even illegal to ride on the sidewalk or towards oncoming traffic.
  3. Join In. Sometimes, it is much better to ride in the same speed as the traffic and riding with the traffic itself. This would make you more visible to motorists.
  4. Eye to Eye Contact. Remember to make eye contact with drivers so that drivers can assert your position on the road. This connection would also help drivers be reminded that you are a fully functioning human on the road with life.
  5. Be Aware. You should always be aware of your surroundings. Know who is in front of you and who is behind. Be out on the lookout for hazards and danger.
  6. Wear Protective Gear. Cyclists have their own form of clothing so make sure you are wearing premium sportswear or protective gear that will be able to protect you or lessen the impact or damage in the case something goes wrong.
  7. Be Visible. Wearing reflective clothing would be able to make you more visible. Adding visibility can greatly help lessen the likelihood of accidents.

How To Make Your Shipments More Brandable

It is important for every business entity that its brand gets noticed by its target market. So how do you make sure that your brand will grab the attention of your potential clients? Here are some ways:

  • Custom shipping boxes. Making custom boxes will surely elevate your product’s appeal. From a simple single color designs crafted on regular cardboard upgrade it to a more premium grade printing on the entire box which can give your package a look which will allow the customer to identify it immediately. The best part of this is that you can just fully customize the look of it online and then get a quote instantaneously without having to wait. For greater variety and to take advantage of wholesale discounts, you can look for quality but cheap providers online.
  • Custom shipping bags. If you want to add a bit more of sophistication to your products then uses some custom shipping bags. You can totally ship your product in the style that you want whether that is from a simple merchandise bag to a high-end fabric or gourmet bag. You can also complete the look with ribbons, bows, crinkle cut fillers and others. Choose those products which are also eco friendly. You can look for companies online to help you in your creative design and also seek the advice from friends who are high in spatial intelligence.
  • Shipping peanuts. If you want to go eco-friendly then the best material for you is the biodegradable shipping peanuts. These are fully non-toxic and are static resistant at the same time. The shipping peanuts are also safe around pets and kids and are likewise sustainable. They are made with corn starch and are designed to stack up even with their toughest conventional competitor the polystyrene. They provide improved cushioning against impacts and stacking when the products are in shipment. What is even more desirable is that they dissolve instantly in water and hence would not harm your pipes and they can also be used in your compost.

These shipping supplies when used efficiently will make an impact to your customers.


The Campaign To Distribute Water Filters To Communities In Need

Filter media is a critical component of water filtration system to ensure that people are drinking clean and safe water from their taps. When water is contaminated, it can result into waterborne diseases like diarrhea, schistosomiasis and malaria. Sadly, there are still communities that do not have access to clean water supply.

Pure Drift is a non-profit organization that has launched an Earthcrowdfunder Campaign in order to fund the distribution and installation of filter media in communities that lack access to clean water. The Drifters will drive from Los Angeles, California to Guayaquil, Ecuador with stops along the Pacific Coast in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia.

The Drifters will visit communities located near schools, orphanages and hospitals to install water filters as well as provide information on the importance of safe and clean water. Both parents and children will be trained on how to prevent waterborne diseases and how these diseases will be treated.

The Drifters has estimated that they will be using around 200 filters including equipment as well as cash for permits, border fees and their five dollar-a-day youthful food budget. The most critical component of their campaign is the water filters because each bucket-mounted filter will cost about $50 but it is capable of cleaning one million gallons of water to provide for enough clean drinking water for 100 people in 5 years.

The investment works out for less than one cent a day to provide for 5 years’ worth of clean drinking water. Pure Drift hopes to raise at least $7,500 to fund their trip and campaign. The Drifters are committed to helping as many people as they can in vulnerable communities. People have a fundamental right to clean water and they do not have to struggle to provide safe drinking water for their families.

Pure Drift has visited Mexico three times since they formed their organization and each time they have installed filter media and provided information to people. The group is also gaining much knowledge on what to expect during their road trip, the realities of local conditions and the equipment that they will need.


Getting The Perfect Boiler For Your Family’s Convenience

Boiler servicing can be very challenging. If you are searching for a company to repair and install your boilers, you need to approach the best servicing company. But in order to avoid problems related with your boilers, you should first get the perfect boiler.

When you choose the right boiler, it could slash the amount of energy bills that you are paying to power companies. An efficient and effective boiler will also keep you warm and will supply your family with hot water. It is in this light that you need to learn about the three major kinds of boilers which will greatly help you improve your financial stance.

Combination boilers
The combination boilers are found in about 70 percent of households. This type of boiler uses a gas central heating in fueling the radiators and in providing hot water. The combination boilers combine the functions of a basically hot-water cylinder or traditional boiler and a cold water tank into a single unit. The combination boilers are compact and are relatively easy to use. They are perfect for use in homes with small spaces and with only a single bathroom. But if you have a large family, you might struggle when using the combination boiler. You will not be able to run hot water coming from two sources at the same time.

Sealed system boilers
The system boilers are more ideal for bigger homes that have multiple bathrooms and with several occupants. The sealed system boilers use cylinder storages in order to provide both hot water and central heating to homes. The disadvantage to this is that you will have to wait for a longer time in order for the water to be heated in the storage cylinder.

Open vent boilers
The open vent boilers are also called heating only boilers which provides central heating to the household and hot water through a boiler. The open vent boilers have a very high rate of water flow which makes them the perfect boilers when you want to take a very quick shower. However, you still need to wait for the hot water to run out.