Project Server Will No Longer Be Integrated With TFS

Project Server is under Microsoft Office and it is a solution used by many for their PPM or project portfolio management. The very foundation used by Project Server is SharePoint. One will be able to learn to use this by taking up a project server training in Brisbane. A recent announcement was made by Microsoft regarding Project Server and it states that the company is no longer integrating it with TFS or Team Foundation Server. The reason for this decision was that the customers’ expectations were not met. In order to meet the consumers’ demand, the company decided to team up with a third party which is operating under Tivitie.

According to a blog post that was published by Microsoft, the company tried reaching out with a number of consumers and asked them if they are still using the integration system that as developed between Project Server and Team Foundation Server. It turns out that almost all of the consumers asked were no longer using the system anymore.

Majority of the integrations have been left abandoned due to the tracking progress made by Agile teams which is not the same as traditional projects. With traditional projects, the entirety of the project is planned out and it measures the hours that are consumed in order to indicate the progress. Agile projects, on the other hand, are only planning based on demand. This is usually done every 2 to 3 sprints. The progress is being tracked with the use of story points rather than hours.

With this, the company has decided that the following release of TFS – TFS 15 – will no longer be integrated with Project Server. Consequently, the new major release will no longer support integration with either Visual Studio Team Services or Project Online. In order to get a deeper understanding of Project Server, it is recommended that one should undergo project server training in Brisbane. The good news is that Microsoft will still be providing support for the solutions that have already been released which includes versions TFS 2010 SP1 together with 2012, 2013 and 2015. Project server versions that will be supported will be 2007, 2010 and 2013.


How To Hire Reliable Sydney Furniture Removalists

There are several reasons why you should hire professional Sydney furniture removalists when you are about to move to a new office location or home. Hiring a team of removalists will spare you from the hassles of lifting and carrying heavy boxes and furniture that may not be recommended for certain individuals. People with health or medical issues, pregnant women, elderly and people with disabilities should not be involved with the stressful process of removing and transferring to a new place. Hiring removalists not only spare you from physical stress, it also saves time and energy. You can find a reputable company that will help you in the process through the internet or local sources. When searching for a company, here are some things to look for.

Makes some research

To find the right Sydney furniture removalists, search through the internet or from the yellow pages. You can also check from classified ads for information and even from your neighbours who may have obtained some services from a removalist team.

Ask for cost estimates

In order to determine how much you are going to spend for the service, ask for cost estimates from at least 3 service providers. This way, you will the amount you will budget for the service and at the same time, you can easily identify which of the contractors offer better deals. Make sure to read the contract thoroughly before you sign it or before you agree to the policies and conditions.

Hire qualified removalists

You can find a lot of Sydney furniture removalist saround the area but only hire a service provider with accreditation from the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). The accreditation gives you the guarantee that you are dealing with a professional service provider and you would know where to go in case you have any complaints against the contractor. Find out if the service already includes insurance or if you still need to purchase insurance for added protection and security of your belongings. Read customer reviews and participate in discussion boards to get more ideas about the contractor.






3 Reasons To Shop At NRL Clothing Online Store

Online shopping is how people are buying their supplies and items, nowadays. NRL aficionados are doing just the same. Fans and even those who are not into NRL they have loved ones who are into rugby, would also buy from NRL clothing online store for their needed merchandise. You can find all sorts of online shops that offer various items but always go for authentic products and you can only find them at the official NRL dealer. Aside from the guaranteed authenticity of the items, your purchases can also be delivered to your preferred address for free or at a minimal shipping cost.

Convenient shopping

If you want a convenient shopping experience, the only way to go is an NRL clothing online store. When you shop online, you no longer have to drive down to the shopping mall of spend on fuel just to get what you want. There is also no need to dress up so you can buy a cap or shirt with your team’s logo on it. As a matter of fact, you can shop in your most comfortable garb, right at the comforts of your room. You can also shop during lunch break at your office or practically anywhere so long as you have an internet ready gadget and internet connection.

More affordable items

Compared to shopping malls and offline sources, online shops are proven to be cheaper without compromising the items’ quality. They are cheaper because online shops do not have to spend on their physical stores and on operational expenses that are associated with it. There are online suppliers that can even offer their merchandise on a free shipping option and for customers like you, this means another opportunity for you to save.

No multitude of crowdsand shoppers

Buying from an NRL clothing online store means you can get away with lining up on long queues to pay for the items. You can also avoid heavy crowds in big malls which can be stressful. This means you don’t have to deal with other people and heavy crowds just to shop.


Beginner Tips When Learning Illustrator

Illustrator is an application developed by Adobe which is designed as a vector drawing tool. With this, one will be able to create artwork with infinite scale while making sure the quality remains the same. This tool is ideal in making designs for logo, complex vector artwork as well as learning how to make illustrated typography. If you have been used to Photoshop, you might find Illustrator is quite different. Here are some tips for beginners learning the Adobe Illustrator.

  • The first thing you should be familiar with and eventually master when using Illustrator is Bezier – its points and curves. Knowing this, you will be able to create any artwork you desire. It can be very tricky at the beginning but knowing how to control the points and curves of Bezier will also give you the ability to create whatever shape you need. The manipulating points are used to control the curves. You can also use the Alt/Shift keys together with the pen tool while pointing on a curve to create more complex and organic shapes. Practice is recommended as well as personal discovery.
  • There are Bezier shortcuts you can do. If you want to control the Bezier curves, utilized the Alt key once you have made your point. Once a point is already done, hold down Alt and with this you will be able to determine the position of the next point minus the need to manipulate the curve. If you want your next point to have a 45-degree angle, just hold down the Shift key.
  • The default setting of Illustrator allows you to stroke your path with the help of a tool such as pen or shape. The result is a black coloured 1 point. The final shape once the points are connected will then be filled with white. The colour can be changed as well as the fill. Once the object is selected, you can choose between the two under the main tool panel.
  • One of the advantages of using Illustrator is that it comes with easy brushes. There are a lot of options to choose from in the library.

If you want to learn more and become an expert, enrol in an Illustrator training course.


The Launch Of Smith Map Studio

Back in the early 80s, it was the tradition of Christopher Alan Smith’s family to board their car and leave their home located in northwest Austin for frequent road trips all over Texas. During these trips, Smith would be busy with maps. He recalled that those times there are no GPS and he used the maps in order to track the route where his father is going. He would see signs that they are almost to another town and he would use the map to provide a rough estimate of their location. He admitted that back then he was already a map geek.

What was known to be Smith’s passion when he was a child would later be his career in life. In 2006, he used to work as a graphic designer for a book publisher that is located in Austin when he also began making his own board with a Republic of Texas as theme during his free time. The project was stalled because of problems regarding marketing as well as packaging. It was then that Smith diverted his time on making a sketch of maps instead with the help of a pen and ink as well as acrylic paints. He started to make map illustrations regarding historic sites and facts. It was in 2008 that he was able to have his own exhibit at the Bayou City Art Festival in Houstonwhich is an art show with juries. He was able to sell around $5,500 worth of map illustrations. It was during that time that he realized that he could make maps as his full time work and he decided to do just that after he was laid off from his job within the same year.

Smith is now 45 years old and ever since that year, he has sold thousands of map illustrations with a Texas theme. The maps have various titles such as Texas Oil and Gas and Cattle Trails among many others. His work can cost a minimum of $800 and a number of his map illustrations are already hanging in the offices of the state legislators as well as known musicians.


The New Dual Fuel Biomass Boiler From Hertz

A new flexible dual-fuel biomass boiler has recently been introduced by Hertz for both the domestic and light commercial sectors. The new Hertz Pelletfire boiler has the capability to burn logs and wood pellets. It is approved by Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), a quality assurance scheme that is supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The compact Pelletfire boiler is designed with consideration to space efficiency. The compact boiler comes in a range of output options from 20kW to 40 kW with flexible heating provided by separate combustion chambers. Two fuels can be switched easily and the operation can be set up to automatically transition to wood pellets in case the logs are all burnt out.

Another advantage is its compatibility with various types of pellet stores that includes the traditional V profiles and the modular pellet silos. A modern T Control touch system is also incorporated to ensure that boiler operation is simple and user friendly. The double vortex combustion chamber of the Pelletfire boiler is designed for maximum efficiency during the combustion process. A Lambda probe control assists in the smooth running of the boiler. There is also an automatic cleaning system for the heat exchanger and combustion grate to ensure that there is cleaner combustion while heat transfer is maximized.

A log-only version of the Pelletfire boiler is also available but with the ability to be paired off with a wood pellet system at a later date. The log boiler has a filing shaft that can accommodate logs measuring 50cm in length to guarantee longer burning time.

According to Hertz Biomass UK, Pelletfire boilers’ true flexibility can revolutionize the lower duty end of the market. It has gone through rigorous testing and development to deliver quality and outstanding results.

On the other hand, Boiler Servicing should also be a major concern of boiler owners to ensure the efficiency of the boiler and to prolong its service life.  When Boiler Servicing is provided by competent and experienced boiler engineers, you are assured of your safety as well as that of your property.