Villagers Save An Event From Being A Complete Disappointment

One of the most critical factors when planning for an event is the สถานที่จัดสัมมนา that must be within reasonable distance from most of the attendee’s place of work or residence. If the attendees are coming from abroad, it makes sense to choose a venue that is close to their hotel. A good place to start the search is local business listings where you can get quotes from multiple places at once.

This year’s Mekong Tourism Forum was able to attract the biggest attendance ever because admission was free. At least 475 delegates registered for the event. Thailand Ministry of Tourism and Sports was very supportive and provided financial assistance to ensure that the event will be a success. The generous ministry also provided the traditional shirts for the seminars that were hosted at 8 villages.

The reasons behind the seminar attendance may be as diverse as the presentations and packed programs but it is clear enough that the attendees gained something from the event. One of the delegates was keen on meeting the researchers of community based tourism. He was also interested in meeting people he could network with.

Other delegates attended because they want to touch base with travel influencers or decision makers that could encourage tourism to Mekong region. However, most were disappointed because top executives of airlines, hotel groups and big tour operators did not join the event. Even the keynote speaker, Spencer Lee, Air Asia’s chief commercial officer did not show up.

The failure of event speakers to attend is not acceptable particularly since they are often the reason why people attend events. They seriously compromised the value of the forum as a platform for engagement. Fortunately, the villagers saved the event because they provided an innovative channel where the delegates were able to learn and interact. Delegates joined in the trips to villages to see organic farming and experience religious and adventure tourism.

Finding the rightสถานที่จัดสัมมนา for an event can be time consuming; however, there are event listing websites that will provide you with a list of venues that host events. From the list, you can compare quotes and choose the venue that suits you best.


How To Apply For Company Registration In Thailand

Thailand’s unparalleled economic growth has attracted many foreign investors from various countries, each wanting a fortune by opening their own company. Foreign investors are interested to start a business here due to the skills and cost of manpower, adequate infrastructure and strong government support. Furthermore, they offer well-defined business policies that promote social and political stability, free trade, and its favourable location in Asia, which may possibly make the business prosper. However, one may experience difficulty in the company registration in Thailand as it will require business permits from various sectors of the economy depending on what type of business will be set up.

Before choosing the company registration in Thailand, one must identify what type of company he or she will be setting up. Registration option is open for three types of businesses, which are the Thai representative company, Thai limited office and the Thai partnership. The latter is a business setup owned by joint partners sharing the same unlimited liabilities for all the company’s obligations. Every partners are personally and jointly liable for taxes and debts of the partnerships. The other two are similar to the Thai partnership; however, they demand further types of partnership where the first has limited liabilities and the second has joint and unlimited liabilities. With the registration procedures, one may need a lawyer to do all the communications in their behalf.

The registration process is performed through the following steps:

  • You need to apply for a chosen name of the company either through a website or registering with the Department’s registrar.
  • The shareholder needs to pay 25% of the registered capital which is deposited through a bank.
  • They need to obtain a corporate seal which is necessary for company’s share certificates
  • They need to get approval for the company’s memorandum of association and apply for company registration in Thailand, which is legally necessary.
  • The application of the memorandum of association must contain all relevant personal and business information.
  • The documentation must be submitted to the Ministry of Labour and the Office of Labour Protection and Welfare on the same district where the company’s head office will be situated.
  • The Office of the Labour Protection and Welfare will verify and approve the final permission to operate the business.

Thailand Beaches To Impose Stricter Rules

The negative impact of tourism is now seen in the number of beaches in Thailand. This is why the government and local authorities are trying to impose bans in order to control the effects of tourism in the country’s beautiful beaches. These changes are not new to the guests of Koh Tao villas which hold one of the most popular beaches in the country. According to the figures released by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the number of tourists that will visit Thailand this year will reach 37.5 million.

Last year, the recorded number of tourists is 35.3 million and the increased has already impacted the beaches and the environment in many ways. The government is trying to put measures in place to prevent further damage. The Government of Thailand announced the list of bans in three of the most visited beaches in the southern part of the country – Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Koh Samui.

Koh Phangan is the most popular because this is where the well-known full moon parties are celebrated which welcomes more than one million tourists every year. How will the ban impact Koh Phangan and the two other beaches? The government has mandated that there will be no construction works to be done near the beaches, no fishing, the coral reefs should not be used for anchoring, the fish are not to be fed and the sea beds should not be walked on by people.

Department of Marine and Coastal Resources’ director, Jatuporn Burutphat, said that they are currently having problems with the huge amount of waste water and garbage in these beaches. Therefore they must impose these bans in order to protect the future and this is something they should ignore.

The mandate should be followed by anyone, locals and tourists alike. Those who are not following will be fined with 100,000 baht and a maximum jail time of one year. The bans started this month because it s considered to be the peak season for these three islands. Therefore tourists booked in Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Koh Tao villas should take note of these things in order to avoid trouble while on vacation.


China’s Retaliatory Tariffs Will Be Hitting Lobsters, Soybeans, With More To Follow

After President Donald Trump set new tariffs on imports into the US, countries have responded in kind with their own economic legislation, which has affected many businesses; many a logistics company and even breweries have felt the hit. China, in particular, retaliated with raised import duties on tens of billions of dollars worth of the US’s imports, which include, but are not limited to lobsters, soybeans, electric vehicles and whiskey.

Beijing issued a statement on the 9th of June, that it was only responding in ‘equal scale’ to the Trump’s new tariffs, which affected Chinese goods, as part of a conflict regarding China’s estimated $336 billion trade surplus and technology policy that some companies in the globe worry that could escalate and freeze economic growth across the world.

The new duties were put in place after Trump warned of ‘additional tariffs’ should Beijing set retaliatory duties on American goods. The new duties amounted to 25% on about $50 billion worth of US imports. The new China tariffs announced by the Trump presidency will not include the full $50 billion, at least initially.

According to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer says that the US’s new punitive duties applied to 818 Chinese products, with a total value of $34 billion, on the 6th of July, with a second list, totalling to about $16 billion, under consideration under a new review process, which will bring the total affected import value up to $50 billion.

Beijing’s countermeasures resembled Washington’s, affecting 545 American exports, with a total value of $34 billion, affected with punitive duties as of July 6, which include agricultural products and vehicles, which will affect many a logistics company and other businesses, with many fearing a trade war.

The Ministry of Finance detailed that the 545 products included, but are not limited to electric cars, orange juice, salmon and cigars, among others. The Chinese government has said that they don’t desire a trade war, but they have to fight back against the tariffs.

Currently, Chinese regulators are considering increased tariffs on an additional 114 products, with the list potentially including energy products and medical equipment, with the decision still pending.

Naturally, with US and China having the world’s largest trading relationship, many are saying that a trade war would be bad, not just for the US, but for the global economy as well.


Plot Your Address On Earth 750 Million Years Ago Through Interactive Map

Perhaps one of the best scenes created by mankind and technology witnessed by the human eye is the North America Skyline Illustration but it is nothing compared to the natural beauty of the living planet. Years and years of research have shown that the Earth is alive and changing continuously with time. This was proved by the recent volcanic happenings in Guatemala as well as in Hawaii. We may not be able to see the difference in our lifetime but the Earth has been in the solar system for millions of years and the change for someone who have witnessed since the beginning might be tremendous.

This is why the curator of the largest dinosaur database online, Ian Webster, decided to create an interactive map that will allow people to see just how much the surface of the Earth have shifted since the time of the dinosaurs. The interactive map made use of PALEOMAP Project’s paleogeographic maps as well as plate tectonics illustrations created by C.R. Scotese. Through the interactive map, one will be able to see how much the Earth have changed especially in the current address where you are residing. It will take you back more than 750 million years to see what the area used to be.

Going back to 350 million years ago in the Cryogenian Period, majority of the planet was covered with glaciers and Ithaca used to be a part of Rodinia which is a supercontinent. This is also the same time when scientists believed that single-celled organisms came to being.

Through the interactive map, one can select the time difference from 10 million to 40 million years. There is also background information provided by Webster. One example is when you go back 105 million years ago at the time when an inland sea from the Gulf came between North America, the website states, that it is known to be the Cretaceous Period with accompanying details about the era. Looking back to those million years ago and to the North America Skyline illustration now, one can say that man truly has come a long way because of technology.


What To Remember When Joining A California Alcohol Rehab

The last option to restore an addict’s health is to resort to a California alcohol rehab center. The request may have come from family or friends, a court order, or probably initiated by the addict himself. Individuals who resort to alcohol and drug rehab may have had bad experiences. Once they realize that they need to change their behavior, the best action is to put them in the rehab centers. These centers provide hope for families with someone having the addiction. The therapies and counselling they impose will finally lead the patient to recovery.

A California alcohol rehab center will provide various healing programs that meet the patient’s needs and suggest continuous help. The program will include inpatient, outpatient, residential, extended care, and short-stay options. A proficient doctor or professional specializing in addiction will lay down the most appropriate healing programs for the patient. However, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers are different from each other with respect to the programs, philosophies, qualifications, credentials and price. People may find it difficult to choose the best drug rehab program for their loved one. Hence, they may need to consult a professional for an expert advice.

If you want to know that a California alcohol rehab center is right for you or your loved one, you need to ask a lot of questions that can get you satisfied. The questions may include the right programs for the patient, how they will handle him, and the possibility to recover from the addiction. They may need to ask the length of the healing programs as this will entail the price for their services, and what follows next if the patient leaves the rehab. They will also need to ask if it is covered by health insurance and the type of people they are treating in the facility.

When you opt for a drug rehab program, you want yourself or that special loved one to recover and restore a healthier lifestyle. However, you should know that the treatment process doesn’t happen overnight and will take time for him to finally recover. He should also have the willpower to change for the better and not resort to substance abuse any longer. If you want the best California alcohol rehab for him, you need to be extra cautious and scrutinize the institution before finally placing him there.