High Tourist Arrivals In Phuket Even During The Low Season

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Last year, Phuket hit historic high arrivals of 8.4 million due to the strong low season and the double-digit growth in the number of Chinese tourists. According to C9 Hotelworks “Phuket Hotel Market Update” report, the island is becoming a year-long tourist destination. Passenger arrivals averaged at 641,863 per month during the low season compared to 759,703 arrivals during the high season. The gap between the low season and high season is very close.

According to Bill Barnett, managing director of C9 Hotelworks, hoteliers around the island must be pragmatic about the shift in geographic segments. Phuket International Airport is in effect the point of entry for tourists to Khao Lak. There are almost 9,000 hotels that can provide accommodations to the growing number of visitors.

Both the cheap accommodations and classy beachfront properties gained the benefits from the increasing number of Australian and Chinese tourists. On the other hand, while arrivals are growing in number, the average length of stay is reduced because of the regional Asian market take-up. Moreover, Airbnb is becoming a mainstream competitor to hotels and resorts.

Barnett further warned hoteliers that while the recent upgrades on the Phuket International Airport and the new terminal are welcome news to the hospitality industry, it is does not really solve the real macro issue. The need to diversify Phang Nga’s improving tourist market urgently requires a new airport.

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Bracelet That Could Help Women Get Pregnant

Women who are having a hard time getting pregnant might have a solution soon with the help of a fertility tracking bracelet. This is not like your fancy authentic stingray bracelets but a device with scientific functions. As of writing, clinical trials are being done by Ava, a medical technology company, together with University Hospital of Zurich located in Switzerland. They are hoping that this will answer some question on the efficacy of the gadget.

The trial is conducted with the help of 50 women participants suffering from irregular menstrual cycles. They are using the bracelet made by Ava which tracks their cycle. The trial also includes women that are diagnosed to have PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome.

The bracelet is equipped with sensor technology as well as algorithms that have been tested on laboratories to determine the duration of time when the user is fertile.

According to the trial’s lead investigator and a reproductive endocrinology professor working at University of Zurich, Dr. Brigitte Leeners, said that the parameters measured by the bracelet is noninvasive. These are parameters concerning the hormonal cycle of a women and the device is designed to get the best measurement.

As of writing, there are already bracelets out in the market but it is only advisable for women with menstrual cycles lasting between 24 and 35 days.

New trials are to be conducted in order to develop bracelets that will be suitable for women whose menstrual cycles are not within the range.

Leeners said that their databank for normal cycles is very large thus they are employing an algorithm that is intended to achieve the same prediction quality they have in testing irregular cycles.

Ava is also conducting tests in order to determine if the bracelet can be used as a contraceptive device which is non-hormonal.

According to Ava, the bracelet should be worn by the women every night. The sensor technology of the device is gathering data from the skin temperature of the user, the pulse rate, sleeping patterns, breathing rate and movement among many others. This can be used alongside with fancy jewelries such as authentic stingray bracelets.


Holiday Locations For The Start Of 2018

Once the Christmas holiday is over, everyone feels like January is the saddest month of the year. For many it is back to work and their dull daily routines but it does not mean you cannot enjoy the beginning of the year. You don’t have to be away for long. You can visit on a long weekend or over the weekend if you like. Here are recommendations of the top places to visit in your next trip from La Gomera holidays to Albania.

If you are a foodie, you should visit Slovenia to taste the influences on food brought by various cultures including Italy, the Mediterranean and Austria. The World’s Best Female Chef of 2017 according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants is Ana Ros who is the star Chef’s Table. She has restaurants in the northeastern part of the country in Kobarid known as Hisa Franko. It is also the best time to taste Slovenian wines especially their rose.

For nature lovers, Faroe Islands which is located between Iceland and Scotland is the best go-to place. Aside from being situated in a remote location, the islands have evergreen hills, waterfalls and mountains. There are 18 islands to be seen and a few can be accessed by car and some are best for hiking.

Prague is the most recommended place to visit when searching for good music. To the west is Berlin while the east is Vienna thus Prague is not often considered by travelers. The location is perfect for musical acts because tickets and nightlife are cheaper as well as the accommodations. Music lovers will surely enjoy top acts in the music industry because they are presented in an unusual setting.

Adventure lovers should head over to Vjosa, Europe’s only remaining free-flowing river, located in Albania. It is currently a protected area because of threats of a dam construction. Visitors can explore the river by paddling, kayaking or rafting.

Lastly, it is time to schedule La Gomera holidays to experience the winter sun. The climate varies in each of the Canary Islands. Those who are seeking peace and quiet should visit La Gomera which is accessible via Tenerife.


Danger Increases For Gas And Oil Workers When The Temperature Drops

When the temperature drops to single digits, people unfortunately forget about the tips for gas safety because they want to get out from the cold and return to their warm homes. This type of problem does not usually occur during summertime because people are not so pressured in ensuring that safety precautions are in place.

According to Leroy Warboys, Fire Chief of New Raymer, when the temperature drops to yearly lows, the danger to gas and oil workers increases. One Sunday morning at about 2:30 AM, he received information that a crude oil tanker exploded just of Colo. 14 which is more than 50 miles northeast of Greely. It is the third explosion in Weld County that is related to the gas and oil industry within a month.

Two days before the explosion at New Raymer, a person was injured in a fire at a gas and oil site east of Windsor. Before that, 3 contract workers were injured after an explosion and fire while working at a pipeline near Weld County Road. One of the contract workers died from the injuries sustained.

Each of the situations was different with the first involving a pipeline, the second, an active gas and oil site and the third, a tanker trunk explosion. According to Warboys, most gas and oil pipeline accidents result from pipeline ruptures when everything freezes. When the water lines freeze, pipelines that carry gas and oil usually back up and rupture. Fittings on equipment also contract due the cold and contribute to leakages.

Crude oil has flammability that is higher than gasoline so that a touch of static electricity is enough for it to catch fire. Energy companies frequently use heaters to prevent waterlines from freezing. If an employee makes a mistake and opens a wrong valve near a heater, an explosion or fire may result immediately.

However, the gas and oil industry’s culture has changed over the years. Employers have started to prioritize safety by providing training to employee regarding important tips for gas safety to prevent explosions and fires. Training is very important particularly if there are many new, less-experienced employees on the job site.


The Midwives Of The US-Mexico Border

The US-Mexico border is a tumultuous region, rife with routine border patrols and almost as routine attempts to cross it. With the acknowledgement of the state of the border, the upsurge in dating services like latin-brides.net, people take great interest in the region.

One fact that will go unmentioned in any site like latin-brides.net is how medical institutions in Mexico, like most countries in the Latin America region, tend to prefer cesarean procedure, regardless of the necessity of it.

Amidst the many vehicles driven in the border region, some are driven by midwives, like Ximena Rojas, who operates primarily around Tijuana, Mexico. Midwives, or partera, accompany mothers during the length of their pregnancy, and stand alongside them until the baby makes their first cries, sometimes longer than that, depending on the mother and baby.

Mexico only recently acknowledged midwifery as an actual profession, back in 2011, but even today, Rojas, who has assisted in over 350 births, says that midwives are not allowed to accompany their patients to the delivery room, as per the practice of public Mexican hospitals, which forbid even family members from being alongside pregnant mothers during labor.

Midwives, like Rojas, primarily help women who opt to undergo labor in their home to avoid the public hospitals in the country, where women are discriminated against, suffering through obstetric violence wherein they are abused and dehumanized by the hospitals.

Data from a national survey conducted by ENDIREH, released last year,33.4% of women in Mexico who had given birth suffered from obstetric violence from 2011-2016.

Mexico, in fact, has an unusually high rate of cesarean births, one of the highest numbers in the world, with about 45 out of 100 women undergoing the procedure during birth, according to data from the Secretariat of Health. This means that the rate of cesarean births in Mexico is three times the recommended figure set by the WHO.

ENDIREH 2016’s data also noted that, out of the 3.6M women that had a cesarean, 10.3% were not informed why they had to undergo the procedure, with 9.7% saying that they were not given a choice in the matter.

The midwives continue to operate throughout Mexico, as notable and more personal alternatives to public health centers, which is convenient for pregnant women across Mexico, some of which go to the US for labor, which notably has a high cesarean rate at 30%, but still lower than Mexico.


Workplace Changes To Watch Out In South Africa

As evident in South Africa as well as in office fitouts in Sydney, offices are not transforming – from functional work areas to spaces that are people friendly. Giant Leap’s interior decorator, Emma Leith, talked about the workplace trends that locals may be able to witness in the country in the coming year.

First and foremost, the layouts work areas will be dynamic. In the last few years, we have seen how offices act as a multifunctional space and this trend will continue to grow because this specific layout makes it possible to adapt to the changing needs of the workforce. Workers are able to work in an environment that is more fluid, flexible and mobile than before. This is embodied by the office furniture that is light and modular such as desks suitable for sitting and standing, work benches as well as furniture that are lighter in weight.

There are businesses that are leaping one step forward by providing unconventional amenities in the work area including a room for yoga or meditation as well as lounges which can be utilized during important gatherings or meetings. The workplace in South Africa has also seen an increase in the layout design that accommodates communal rooms were employees will have the chance to talk casually or conduct an informal meeting or even just simply take a break and chat.

Comfort is also being upped in the world of workplaces. Recent layouts provide a cosier and homey environment by adding comfortable break room, communal eateries and welcoming lounges. This is a chance for companies to relay to the employees that they are one family and valued in the organization. Furniture that is commonly seen in residential properties is now utilized in the office.

Leith said that these new trends continue to grow because of the preference of millennials and their desire to eliminate the old style of working. The same styles and concepts are also seen in office fitouts in Sydney because these trends are starting to change the workplaces all over the world. In the end, the safety and comfort of the workers are the priorities of every business or company.