NHS Purchased Roller Blinds Worth £850

NHS contractors tried to use their greed by providing roller blinds instant quote to a hospital over £850 for each piece. The bad news is that it was later found out that you can purchase the same exact type at Homebase and it is only about £23.

A senior consultant revealed this horrifying fact of overcharging that occurred in the Health Service which is currently in a tight position financially. A warning was sent by the MPs regarding the wasting of resources of the NHS which should have been devoted to other important things such as patient care. They have also accused the managers of NHS that they have failed to stop the abusive suppliers.

The overcharging issue became a controversy after the crisis that has befallen NHS wherein the trust bosses are claiming that they are having problems with finances and they are expecting their shortfall in cash in 2020 to reach £20 billion. It was only last week that they announced that the safety of the patients will not be guaranteed in about 20 hospitals due to overcrowding.

According to a Facebook post by Dr. Chris Davies, he found a bill amounting to £855.80 just to install and fit and blackout blinds in the ward. The bill will be sent to the Royal Berkshire Hospital located in Reading.

He talked about the inadequate funding situation at the NHS and he said that the bill is only one example of how their funds are used. They need window treatment for the procedure room inside the wards thus they are looking for blackout blind. The roller blinds instant quote provided by the official contractor is worth £855.80. In sarcasm, he said that it must be made of gold to block the light from coming in.

He then revealed that the matron was able to buy the same type of roller blinds from Homebase worth only £22.95 and the estate management will install it without charges. The fund of the NHS should be spent on more worthy matters such as quality care for the patients and not just waste on roller blinds instant quote given by official contract that thinks the agency is flowing with funds to spare.


Not Investing In Enough Insurance Could Damage Your Business

Leo Welder of ChooseWhat.com started business in 2008. To help protect his assets, he invested in several general insurance policies, but he failed however to invest in intellectual-property litigation insurance. According to Welder, they were not exactly in the business of selling technology, so it seemed that this particular type of insurance will not be needed by them, not at that time or any event in the future. Just like those who thought that they will not be the subject of government audit and hence failed to purchase audit insurance, Welder was proven wrong when he was slapped with a trademark lawsuit by J2 Global, a company based in Los Angeles. J2 Global sued Welder’s business for using the term ‘efax.’

The lawsuit between J2 Global and ChooseWhat ended in a settlement and Welder’s company was able to survive. However, it did come with repercussions. The company owner needed to fund his defence out from his own pocket. Right after, he bought an errors and omissions policy to protect his business from future trademark issues.

According to Welder, the new policy that he purchased for his company was expensive, but not really as expensive as that of an IP lawyer’s fees, which he says could cost from $600 per hour or even more. He says that it’s not a question of being able to afford the policy but more of can he afford not to have it.

The above story is just a simple illustration of how insurance policies can help protect a business from going bankrupt. For example, the government can issue a tax audit at any time, which is why business owners need to consider paying for audit insurance. While their services may not be as expensive as that of an IP lawyer, it can still feel like a lot of money especially for small business owners. With the right insurance policy however, business owners no longer need to shell out their own money to pay for the auditor’s or other litigation fees.

Like Welder pointed out, not having enough insurance coverage could easily damage your business financially. Unless you can afford to pay for litigation and audit fees out from your own pocket, not having insurance for your business seems like a sound idea.


Choose The Las Vegas Hotel Wisely

Summer is near and almost every hotel all over the world is preparing for the influx of visitors from as faras luxury 5 star hotels in Bangkok to the high end hotels in Las Vegas. Indulging yourself in a vacation in Las Vegas does not seem crazy although there is the risk of losing all your money. This is precisely the reason why you need to hedge your bets with the Las Vegas hotel you pick.

If lady luck smiles on you, you can probably splurge on many of the luxury hotels that the Sin City offers. However, aside from the high roller hotels, there are also affordable hotels if you make the effort to look around.

If you have watched the film “Ocean’s Eleven”, it is very likely that you are familiar with Bellagio. It has the mesmerizing fountain show that you can watch from morning till night. The Bellagio is the perfect example of a Las Vegas luxury hotel with its stunning indoor botanical garden, 5 swimming pools, upscale restaurants and top of line entertainment.

There aren’t many hotels that can compare to the 5-pearl rating of Bellagio but if you want an alternative, you will have to search on a different side of Las Vegas. In downtown Las Vegas, you will find Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino that is a mix of Old Las Vegas and modern amenities. The property used to be a top resort but it now an iconic budget alternative.

The best entertainment can be found from Caesar’s Palace Hotel & Casino, but aside from the A-list superstar headlines, the property also features a 5,000 square feet Roman spa complex with classical architecture surrounding the pools. A cheaper alternative is Freemont Hotel and Casino where rooms are quiet and clean with four restaurants and four bars as your dining options.

On the other side of the world is Thailand where you will enjoy a different type of adventure. The luxury 5 star hotels in Bangkok will satisfy even the most discerning tastes. You can opt for the suites with their own private balconies that overlook the pool, gardens and cityscape of the capital city.


Tax Exemptions For Industry: Cheaper Diamond Engagement Rings

Let’s face it: the road towards marriage is extremely difficult and like it or not, it’s also expensive. When you are already sure that she’s the right one for you and the two of you are ready to take your relationship onto the next level, the next thing you need to do is to browse through the diamond engagement rings inside the jewellery store near you. Now, in case you are traveling to the Kingdom of Thailand anytime soon, then that’s where you shop for an engagement ring or wedding ring for you and your soon-to-be wife. You see, Thailand is on its steady course to become the World’s Jewellery Hub. In fact, the jewellery industry in Thailand is set to be one of the most active and most booming jewellery industries in the world right now especially when we talk about the export value it contributes to the economy of Thailand. Just for the first 10 months of 2016, the jewellery industry of Thailand was able to generate 435 billion Thai Baht worth of total exports, the 3rd highest among all industries in Thailand.

Since last year, the jewellery industry in Thailand has been exempted by the government of the Kingdom of Thailand from paying taxes in hopes of furthermore propelling the industry into new heights. In fact, the Ministry of Finance believed that such exemptions will eventually benefit the kingdom in terms of higher income because lesser taxes to be paid by the industry means lesser taxes to be passed onto the customers. You see, the industry of jewellery used to pay tons of taxes including value added tax for raw materials and semi-finished goods. They also need to pay import duties for raw materials. And, they also need to pay personal income tax for sales of raw materials which can dictate the final prices of diamond engagement rings which vary from 9,000 Thai Baht up to 600,000 Thai Baht. Without those hefty taxes, jewellery stores can now afford to sell diamond rings at a more affordable price, making it easier for more people to buy and own a diamond.


How To Find Car Seat Reviews

Your baby’s safety and comfort is a priority which is why you need to ensure that your baby’s equipment, supplies and items are safe, secure and of high quality. You can always peruse the items to check on its quality but if you are buying online for items like baby car seats, the only thing you can do is rely on car seat reviews. Here are some tips on where you can get reliable reviews for baby items.

Search the website

When you visit sites for baby supplies, always make it a point to check on customer reviews and testimonials to get ideas on the reliability of the online shop. Some of the things that you should check are the customer’s opinion on how efficient the services are, how affordable the items are and the quality of the items offered by the online shop. It is important to get positive feedback from actual customers to ensure that you will get first-hand information and reliable ideas.

Forums for parents

Aside from checking on the online shop, you might also want to visit online forums with topics on car seat reviews. You can participate on the discussion or you can also post a topic for other parents to contribute. The good thing about online discussion boards is that you can be sure that they are made by actual parents or real contributors and not paid ghost writers. Find out from the discussion as to where you buy high quality baby products, not only baby car seats but strollers, cribs, pram, toys and other supplies. You can also obtain or share parenting tips with other parents and may even find lasting friendships from it.

Ask from other parents

No one knows babies like mothers or other parents do which is why you can always ask them for feedback and car seat reviews. If you have neighbours or friends who have babies or may have knowledge on where you can possibly buy baby items, ask for recommendations and ideas. You can also visit sites or blogs that discusses parenthood for more ideas.


How To Save On The Costs Of Summer Vacation

Are you looking for the best hotel where you can stay during the summer vacation? You are not alone because according to a 2017 AARP travel survey, 99% of baby boomers plan to take at least 1 trip this year. AAA also revealed that more than one-third of all Americans will take the family for a vacation in the next 12 months.

Spending a week at a beach will be fun for the family but costs are definitely higher during peak season. The cost of airfare and accommodations can be reduced if you plan early. Check the prices of flights in all airlines to find the most affordable. Sometimes, you may have to travel a day earlier or a day later to cut down on the costs.

If your work schedule is not too restrictive, costs for the summer vacation can be minimized if you try to be more flexible. You can travel during the dates when airline fare is not very expensive. You can also opt for travel destinations where beaches, theme parks and entertainment venues are also close by.

You can also opt for a hotel in a location that is not so near tourist destinations to save on the cost of accommodations. After all, most hotels offer the same amenities like restaurants and swimming pools. When booking for a hotel, opt for those that include a small kitchen so that you can cook some of the family’s meals instead of dining out in restaurants every day. In addition to a kitchenette, some hotels offer free breakfast. Take advantage of these free offers for some savings.

Many travellers do not want to stay in the city because of traffic and noise. But when tourist attractions are close to the hotel, you can save a lot on transport expenses.

For example, if you stay at best hotels in Sukhumvitsoi 11, there are several shopping centres nearby including local and international restaurants. The hotelis situated in a perfect location where Nana BTS Station is just a few meters away. 5 minutes away and you will be able to experience night-time entertainment.