Thai International Arrivals Hit 16.4m, But Saw Slow Down In May

Thailand is a tourism hotspot with plenty of options for tourists, from a trendy bar in Sathorn to the sandy beaches in KohSamui, among others, and it continues to attract arrivals from across the globe, if data from the Ministry of Tourism & Sports is anything to go by.

According to MOTS’ Permanent Secretary, PongpanuSvetarundra, Thailand welcomed a total  16.456 million international arrivals from January to May of 2018, which is a 12.62% from last year’s numbers. The international arrivals spent an approximate of Bt867.46 million in that time, up by 16.11% from the prior year’s numbers, Mr. Pongparu says. Data says that from that five-month time span, Thailand’s tourism revenue totalled to Bt1.2 trillion, a 6% increase from last year’s figures, with Bt800 billion from international arrivals, and local tourists accounting for Bt350 billion.

For the month of May alone, the Kingdom received at least 2.755 million foreign arrivals, generating approximately BT136.71 million in tourism revenue for the country. However, Mr. Pongpanu has also noted that the year-on-year increase is 6.3%, which is actually lower than the average for the months preceding it.

According to Mr. Pongpanu, there are several factors as to the slowdown of arrivals. May marks the start of Ramadan, which leads to less activity as Muslims abstain and fast as per religion. Additionally, the recent start of the FIFA World Cup 2018, hosted by Russia, also meant that people’s attention were being redirected from a trendy bar in Sathorn or whatever Thai attraction to the international sporting event.

Mr. Pongpanu, however, has stated that the MOTS expects this sluggish tourism to pass once Ramadan and the World Cup ends. He says that they believe that tourism growth will pick up once August rolls in, with estimations saying that Thailand should expect to stay on track to meet its tourism revenue target of Bt3 trillion.

For May, a majority of about 2 million international tourists were from East Asia, with China still accounting for the largest group, followed by Europe, Southern Asia, Northern America, followed by Oceania, the Middle East, then Africa.

The ministry hopes that revenue for the year 2018 will be up by 10% from last year’s numbers, which is approximately 38 million in additional revenue.


The Real Deal Between Gifts And Giveaways

People still hangover from the holiday season wherein they suffered through the Christmas rush as they buy gifts or what they call as gifts for people in their lives. Gift giving has always been based on the concept of reciprocity wherein someone gives something and in exchange they are expecting something in return. It does not have to be expensive because the thought of giving is what matters most. The problem these days is that gift giving has become an obligation. People are busy every holiday looking for gifts that at the end of the day they end up buying giveaways and have forgotten the essence of gift giving. Giveaways are the same products used in promotional merchandise in Australia. The main goal of a giveaway is to promote one’s self or brand.

It is common for giveaways to have the name of the person or the company, it can have a logo and other important that will make the receiver remember the giver or the brand it carries. The sad thing about giveaways is the there is no sentimental value in what is given thus the receiver might not feel attached and ends up gifting it to someone else.

In comparison, a gift is considered very special because of the thought and effort invested into it. One good example is the way Japanese wrap their presents. The manner is elaborate and the wrapper used is ecological because it can be reused. The most common wrapper they used is cloth known locally as furoshiki and the wrapper itself is a part of present.

Another way to make the gift more precious is the effort in choosing the gift wrapper. Look at how kids get excited when they receive something wrapped. It keeps the mystery and surprise going. This is one of the exciting parts of receiving presents.

There is no denying that giveaways have a place in the holiday season especially if you are giving to a group of people such as your co-workers. It is common to see promotional merchandise in Australia but people should know the difference between giveaways and gifts especially during the season of giving.


Why Homeowners Must Always Read Pesticide Labels

Many homeowners prefer to do pest control on their own because they want to save the money that will be paid to professional pest control in Sydney. However, even if you can do the job, make sure that you are buying environmentally friendly products that has been tested and proven to eliminate and control pests.

It is very important to read and follow instructions that are written on the labels of pesticides. They are more than just instructions; they are the laws that cover the pest control industry. If a product manufactured for pest control is used in a manner that is inconsistent with the labelling, it can be considered as a violation of federal laws.

In 1970 after the establishment of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), laws were created so that the agency will be given some legal basis or foundation to move forward. In 1972, FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act was created to be regulate pesticides and protect applicators, consumers and the general environment.

Pesticide that is used in pest control is defined as a substance or a mixture of substances that is intended for the prevention, destruction, repelling or mitigation of any kind of pests as well as any substance that is used as a plant regulator, defoliant or desiccant. The definition was created as an official and written definition of the pesticide’s critical components.

The pesticide label according to FIFRA must include the product name, federal registration number, ingredients, safety precautions and directions for use. The label must also prioritize that pesticides must be away from children. Drinking and bathing in pesticides must also be avoided. Next to the product name is the signal word printed in large font size. The words are DANGER, WARNING and CAUTION. The DANGER label must be accompanied by skull and crossbones.

A better option for a homeowner is pest control in Sydney that provides reliable and safe methods of pest management and eradication. Pests will be eliminated without the uneasy feeling of having chemical residues in the home that can be harmful to health. The whole process of pest control is easier and more straightforward if professionals will undertake the task.


How To Support An Inpatient Rehab In California

There are many ways to support a loved one who is going through a difficult time. If a loved one is addicted to a substance, one of the best things that you can do is encourage him/her to get into an inpatient rehab in California to, once and for all, resolve your loved one’s issue. You can find a lot of rehab centers in California. That, would be easy. However, if you want the best for your family, choose an exclusive rehabilitation center. Aside from getting your loved one into a comfortable and luxurious accommodation, here are some other ways to show your support.

Spend more time with the patient

One of the causes of addiction is depression which stems from the feeling of being alone or isolated. Show your loved one that you care and he is not alone by spending more time with him or by visiting him more often while he is at the facility. Getting your loved one into an elite facility would still not mean a thing if he remains to feel alone and neglected.

Be kind with your words       

Avoid discussing things that will make the patient feel remorseful and sorry for himself. Instead, offer encouraging words and plan the future with your loved one. You might want to schedule a holiday or a family trip somewhere once the patient is done with the rehabilitation program.

Participate in family sessions

There are facilities for inpatient rehab in Californiathat involves family sessions and group therapy on their programs. Withdrawal stage is the hardest part of being in a facility and it would be best if the family is involved in this process.

Provide financial support

One of the things that you should be aware of is that exclusive inpatient rehab in California can be quite expensive. This is mainly because your loved one will stay in a hotel-like facility, served with gourmet food and will be provided with optimum care and treatment by professional therapists. The facilities are also world-class while the location is conducive for personal healing. Search the internet to find the right rehabilitation center for your loved one.


Christie Brinkley For Bikini Buy Online With Daughters

The fabulous Christie Brinkley is back in a bikini, along with her two daughters! She’s one of the SI Swimsuit icons returning for a photo shoot in the pages of SI Swimsuit. At 63, she proves that age is nothing more than figures. If you want, get bikini buy online for great fittings of your body.

Christie came to appear in the magazine eight times between 1975 to 2004. She is renowned for appearing three times in her SI Swimsuit covers in 1979, 1980 and 1981. Until that point, there has been no model ever to cover twice when thenmagazine’s editor Jule Campbell determined to post Christie on its covers for three years.

And yet in another first for SI Swimsuit, Christie is joined by her daughters Alexa Ray Joel, 31 and Sailor Brinkley Cook, 18. The idol revealed that the whole photo shoot, which enabled bikini buy online, was a realized dream for her.

Christie said with teary eyes, that this full circle is a realexperience for me. It has been many years ago when I saw an insecure girl hoping to be good enough for a magazine. Now I’m seeing my two daughters share the same thoughts I had years back. To see them actually in this job is definitely a big experience. She was even thrilled and happier when MJ decided to shoot her daughters with her.

Christie’s daughter to renowned singer Billy Joel, Alexa Ray explained that her experience was a stepping stone towards her modeling career. Every picture speaks totally for itself – sisters who being opposite to each other are still interested to be in a publication that molded their lives ata young age. This in turn resulted to bikini buy online by many interested ladies.

Meanwhile, on a scoop with People, Christie and her daughters sat down with the publication for a discussion of their large photo shoot with SI, a life in the limelight, cyber-bullying, and the need for variedness in the fashion industry.

To see more of Christie’s breaking photo shoot with her daughters, grab a copy of People anywhere every Fridays, or you can check out bikini buy online.


Brits Voted For Their Favorite Holiday Spot This Year

Brits loved to go on holidays and they tend to gear towards the spot where there are sun, sand, and the sea. There are a number of popular destinations on the list of British tourists including Majorca, Ibiza and Costa de Sol but a number of new tourism destinations are starting to rank higher on their list.

Looking at the different tourist destinations in the Europe, there is an increase in the number of UK tourists flocking Cyprus and the country’s official Tourism Organization revealed that the number has rose by 16.3 per cent.

This is not the top on the list though because a new exotic travel destination topped the list of Brits travellers for this year. It is none other than the island of Phuket in Thailand. It ranked as the number one as the most favourite destinations of British tourist as published by Southall Travel, a travel specialists. Many are flocking to Thailand to experience the hotels, resorts and pool villa in Thailand.

Brits revealed that what they loved most about Thailand is that it offers sandy beaches, wonderful temples and delicious food that do not break the bank. It is no wonder that the country in Southeast Asia has become the latest favourite for Brits.

The second spot was taken by Mauritius, third spot goes to Goa located in India, fourth is Maldives and the fifth spot goes to Bali, Indonesia.

The rising star award was given to Vietnam because of the increasing number of people that are giving testimonies about the undiscovered beaches of the country. It has the highest booking in term of year-on-year and also showed to be that fasted growing tourist spot overall.

Data provided by Southall Travel showed that Vietnam saw a 22 per cent increase in their booking compared to 2016.

The same data also showed that Myanmar has a higher percentage of booking by 15 per cent in comparison to last year.

The sales director of Southall Travel, JayminBorkhatria, said that Thailand has coveted the popular beach award for a number of years and many tourists are looking forward to staying at a pool villa in Thailand while overlooking the wonderful beaches and view the country has to offer.