Kids’ Diet Can Positively Impact Their Physical And Emotional Health

Recent study has shown that kids who are eating healthy are happier while those who are happier tend to eat healthier foods. The interesting fact is that the weight of the child does not affect the analysis. We are in an age where kids health is given more importance than ever because of the growing problem in obesity as well as overweight children in the United States and all over the globe.

According to statistics, one in every three children and teenagers in the United States are obese or over their recommended body weight. What is more worrying is the fact that the figure in the 1970s has already tripled.

Aside from the various health problems brought by being obese, it can also impact the psychological well-being of a child. If a child is overweight, he or she is more likely to suffer from depression, hate their body image and a low level of self-confidence.

The most recent study was conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Academy located in Sydney. They analyzed the correlation between a child’s weight and psychological well-being.

The study has a total of 7,675 participants between the age of 2 and 9 years old. They came from eight countries in Europe including Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Estonia, Italy, Germany and Hungary.

The parents disclosed the usual diet of the child and each of them are given a designated Healthy Dietary Adherence Score. Their psychological well-being was also assessed. The trial lasted for two years.

Result showed that there is a link in the diet of children between the age of 2 and 9 years old and their psychological well-being. The report states that children with higher self-esteem at the beginning are those that achieved a high HDAS at the end of the study. The study also shows that the weight of the child does not affect their psychological well-being or their HDAS.

Research such as this is important in finding more facts about kids health and how the parents and community can ensure the well-being of their child in every aspect including physical and emotional.