Impact Of Pennsylvania’s New Law To Individuals Offering Moving Services

Governor Tom Wolf signed a new law that unregistered moving services will be classified as illegal. In order to offer such services, they should be registered with the Public Utility Commission. In the country of Australia, Sydney furniture removals should be registered in order to legally operate and accept clients. This is something that the governor wanted to be strictly implemented. The consequence for those who are caught especially those posting their services in Craigslist is seizure of their van or truck used for moving services.

It is common among unemployed, young people and college students who wanted to earn extra cash to offer their services in moving furniture. The problem is that it is a risky trade.

When you hire unregistered movers, you should know that majority of them are not covered by an insurance policy. In the event of damage or loss of belongings while on transit, insurance will not cover the cost and their workers will not receive compensation in case they suffer an injury. These are not legal transactions therefore there is no assurance that they are paying taxes to the Department of Revenue of the state.

Senator David Argall, a Republican from the Berks County, was the one who sponsored the laws that counter what they call rogue movers. He said that there are still a lot of movers in the underground market even after the current regulations have been imposed by the PUC.

The new law will be implemented in the middle of February. Illegal movers caught for the first time will have to pay a fine worth $5,000 while the succeeding violation will carry a fine of $10,000. Aside from the fine, their vehicles will be subject to confiscation and suspension of registration is possible.

The fiscal note from the House states that there will be negligible effect on the budget due to the new law. Warningshave already been posted on the website of Craigslist. Homeowners who are planning to move should hire legal movers. The same warning has been released by Sydney furniture removals to homeowners because of the rising number of people being scammed.