How You Can Start A Coworking Space In Bangkok

In 2012, I had the need for an office to start-up a financial education company. I got registered with some office brokers and agents. Before I knew it, lots of office providers in Bangkok started to call and email me every now and then. The problem I found was not the size of the office or its location, but the cost for renting or buying the office. What I needed was a tiny space for a price I could pay. All I really needed was to have a desk and an option of a meeting room. So I discovered a coworking space in Bangkok, which was good enough for my small business. Fortunately, the broker who did my reservations suggested that I share the office space with someone else. With that, things turned out easy.

In one office door in Bangkok, a sign said “Coworking shared office space”. This was the very first time I heard about coworking. The price was affordable, the contract was flexible, and it had meeting rooms that were free. For startups, all these features made me really exciting. Why would I pay an expensive price for an office, when I have this much space for my new business. Everyone knew each other except for me. So I suggested to the owners on how the atmosphere can be improved and make the coworking space in Bangkok more welcoming. And they considered part of my suggestions. The coworking space was solely intended for freelancers, sole traders, small entrepreneurs and businesses that don’t need to be ignored. The facilities were impressive so I had to work from there.

So this is what it’s like with coworking space in Bangkok. It’s somehow very exciting as you possibly meet acquaintances that have different businesses than yours. It was like a library where you have to do your own thing; but of course, it was filled with people that you need to be friendly somehow. You also need to be careful that you are not an issue around these people. But the real concern is how to make your startup business work prosperously amidst this coworking space you have just rented.


International School In Bangkok Partnered With Football Club In Tokyo

The president of Tokyo Verdy FC, a football club based in Japan, recently came to Thailand in order to witness firsthand the progress between the partnership of Ascot International School in Bangkok and the Tokyo Verdy FC.

According to the president of the football club, Mr. Hideyuki Hanyu, they made an agreement last year with Ascot International School in order to open up additional opportunities for the football players of the school. Through the partnership, these players will be able to go to Japan and be a part of the professional training conducted by the Tokyo Verdy FC.

On October of 2017, the football club organized a team comprised of qualified staff and trainers. They were sent to Thailand in order to facilitate the football training program of Ascot International School’s football player. Aside from the home training, the players of the school will be given the opportunity to visit Japan in April of 2018 for training along with the Tokyo Verdy FC. At the end of the trainings, it is expected that the players will not only be stronger but skillful as well.

Mr. Hanyu said that they are happy with the training and result for the athletes. Some of the football players are even included in the youth national team and members of a number of leading football clubs in the country.

Tokyo Verdyis based in Tokyo, Japan and the football club is recognized as a professional organization. They are competing in the J2 League. The football club was established in 1969 and it is considered to be one of the most prestigious teams joining the J. League. As of the writing, the club has already received 7 titles from J. League, a title from the AFC Champions League, 5 Emperor’s Cup and 6 J. League Cups.

According to the headmaster of Ascot International School in Bangkok, Mr. Gary Booth, they are excited with the partnership created with the Tokyo Verdy FC. They have no doubt that after the trainings their profile improve all over the school and will offer more opportunities for the students of the school.


The Real Deal About Corporation Tax Rate

The tax bills created by the House and Senate that mandates a 20 per cent tax rate in corporations can be a big advantage to growing firms that are reinvesting their funds. For businesses that follows the flow through type of taxation including S corporation as well as entities that are paying taxes as a partnership like LLCs can be changed into what they termed as C corporations if ever the proposed tax legislation is implemented. Individuals, on the other hand, should continue with their Texas online application form for taxation as it does not affect them directly.

Majority of businesses that are owned privately have already changed to a flow-through status for their tax filings in the past two decades. It is mainly to be not included in the double tax regime which is intended for C corporations. Based on the existing tax law, the penalty for owners that are avoiding the double tax regime by using flow-through will only have to pay a very small amount.

The proposed tax legislation will be altering these policies thus making the status of C Corporation hard to resist especially for enterprises that are growing in a fast rate.

The structures of both the House tax bill and the Senate tax bill are almost the same thus implementing these are a big possibility. The difference between them is that they will implement important changes in different manners. The final bill will be the determining factor of the direction to which the businesses will be heading.

These two bills will have a 20 per cent tax rate in firms classified as C Corporations but the highest flow through tax rates will be 30 per cent for the Senate bill and 21 per cent for the House bill as a passive income. The interesting bit is that the tax rates for flow-through is higher for companies that are already employing flow-through. These are the rates that will be considered the most important when deciding these policies.

With the many changes in tax rates and policies in both personal and business sector, individuals and business are encouraged to apply through Texas online application form as paying taxes will benefit the state and the country.


3 Things To Consider In Choosing Bangkok International School

If you are searching for a Bangkok international school, you can find one through the internet or you can also ask the parents in your neighbourhood if they know of a good international school that they can recommend. You can also drive around town to look for international schools. This is one way to do it since you can actually see for yourself the location and the environment of the school. Finding an international school is not that challenging, given the numerous sources that you can refer to. However, you have to consider a few important things in order to enrol your child in the right school. Here are some ideas.

Consider accessibility and safety

One of the primary concerns when it comes to your child is safety. This is one important factor especially if you are a foreigner. Choose a Bangkok international school where your child would be safe and the school location can be easily accessed. Find out if the school’s location is in a safe and child-friendly district and one that is situated away from shopping malls and entertain areas where your child can be encouraged to visit.Check from the local authorities from crime incidence in the school’s location.

Academic standards

Check the academic standards of the school and find out if it is known for its academic excellence and successes when it comes to the number of graduates and wins during competitions. Determine the core thrusts of the school and the major focuses of their curriculum. You can find theseinformation from the school’s website or you may visit the school and talk with the school administrator for more information. You might also want to check the drop out percentage of the school within the last academic years.

Well-rounded educational approach

One of the important things to check from the Bangkok international school that you are considering is its learning methodology. Aside from academic excellence, the school should offer a balanced learning environment for the child. There should be programs with focuses on personality and social development, sports and other extracurricular activities for the students.


CDAC Tutors Receive Awards For Helping Financially Challenged Students

A number of tutors from the Chinese Development Assistance Council’s tuition program, a specially created Singapore tuition agency,  received several awards and accolades recently due to their exemplary service and dedication to the CDAC’s cause: to help academically challenged and impoverished students across Singapore with their education.

The program was founded more than a decade ago, during 1993, and has since been helping students across the country, with a system designed to cater to academically challenged students from financially challenged backgrounds and families.

The CDAC recently held its awards ceremony this August 5 at the HDB Hub, honoring the exemplary tutors of the Singapore tuition agency for their service above and beyond the call of duty. This year, these three particular tutors were the focus of the accolades during the ceremony, with an additional 10 other tutors receiving the Bamboo and Willow Awards. Additionally, 59 tutors were recognized for their service, and 220 CDAC students were awarded for their notable academic improvement.

  • Alvin Goh, Tuition Centre Supervisor
  • Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Trade and Industry
  • Tan Guan Seng

Mr. Goh is a full-time teacher with 35 years of experience, with 25 of those years also spent as a CDAC tutor, having been one of the founding members of the group, being part of the program since its earliest days. Now, he is also one of the CDAC’s Tuition Centre Supervisors. He says that he finds the experience of being a tutor at CDAC more meaningful, as he sees the academically-challenged students struggling, then advancing rapidly; learning with the assistance of tutors like him, which he says is an uplifting thing to see.

Ms. Ling, both tutor and chairman of the CDAC’s Student and Parent Education Committee , stated that the CDAC would be working on developing workshops for parents regarding their children’s education, in order to aid the education process with parental support.

Mr. Guan Seng, was another Willow Award recipient, who was awarded due to his dedication in helping students who fell behind their peers, with one of his students, Ms. Gerlynn Ng, handing him his award, having managed to pass the entrance examinations for the Institute of Technical Education.


The Complicated Life Of Living In Different Countries

There is common perception that if you have experienced living in different countries, you are blessed; however, this is not always the case because sometimes there are challenges that have to be overcome. This is the story of a young Japanese girl, Airi Sugihara who learned to speak in English through a tutor.

Airi was born in Tokyo and lived in a Japanese environment. When she was 6 years old the family had to move to New York because of her father’s job. The first few months of Airi’s life in New York were a nightmare because she did not speak English. The only support she got from school came from a Japanese ESL teacher and a half-Japanese friend who gave her all the help they could.

Airi’s mother was worried and hired an English tutor. It is easy for a child to learn a new language and soon enough Airi learned to speak and write in English. She became very fluent in English until it reached the point that she preferred English to Japanese. She made many American friends and started to imbibe the American culture. Airi felt like an American but remained Japanese at heart.

However, the family had to return to Japan because of the father’s job. In Japan, Airi felt like a “returnee” and had to reacquaint herself with navigating the city streets and riding the train. However, the people she knew seemed distant and different. It was difficult fitting in because they considered Airi as the “girl from America.”

Airi was discriminated because she speaks and writes English. She stopped participating because the teacher said that she was disrupting the class. The only positive thing was becoming part of a group of friends who relied on one another to share the experiences and the difficulties they are going through. The group was composed of returnees.

The best option to improve English communication skills is The Smart Tutor, a tutoring center that focuses on language and math excellence. The curriculum is based on the needs of the learners so that they can be tutored effectively. There are English courses for work, for everyday life and for further study.