Answers To Problem With Your Christmas Parcel

According to a survey conducted by Which?, 56 per cent of consumers in the United Kingdom that are expecting their parcels did not receive it within the expected date while 21 per cent of them did not receive at least one of their orders. During the holiday season, a Melbourne courier company said that demand is higher and online shopping added to the huge increase in deliveries.

Many online shoppers turned to social media to voice their complaints regarding the poor service. These complaints were directed to Hermes, a delivery firm, because their Christmas packages are damaged, left exposed to the snow and some are missing.

Amazon received additional controversy because some of their customers decided to subscribe to Prime for a fee with an assurance that their parcels will be delivered the next-day. in fact, some of them received their parcels two times longer than the promised next-day delivery. With these, the retail giant might be under the scrutiny of Advertising Standards Authority soon.

This is why it is recommended that shoppers should know about a shop’s last posting day and accept the fact that delays are part of the Christmas season. Here are some things to keep in mind if your parcel is delayed, you should look at the contract between you and the retailer, not the courier. Even if the courier lost your package, the retailer should correct the issue. Contact the retailer in case of a delay and they will track your order through the courier. You can demand for a refund of the delivery fee you paid for if shipment is delayed.

If there is damage in the contents of your parcel, the responsibility lies on the retailer because they are the ones making sure that the items will remain safe while in transit. Contact them regarding the damage and they should send a brand new item or offer to refund your money.

You can cancel an order if your order did not arrive within 30 calendar days, as confirmed by a Melbourne courier company, but if waiting time is less than that then you will have to decide based on the small print when you ordered.