Tips To Get The Best Service At Hair Salon

Visiting a hair stylist is a necessary chore, we do regularly. Here are some tips to get the right hairstyle and best service from your stylist

  • The best means to find the best Bondi hair salon is through reference. Speak to friends, colleagues and family about the stylists in town and know their favourite ones. If you find a lady with the most happening hair style, you are waiting to get, compliment her and ask her for stylist details. Most of them willing share their hairstylist number. Once you visit the stylist, mention the reference name, hair stylists will be happy to know who referred them.
  • The best time to book an appointment in a Bondi hair salon is late mornings or early afternoons on early weekdays. Avoid Saturdays, if you want the best service. Saturdays are the busiest days for hair stylists.
  • If you are planning to get a new haircut, have a consultation with the stylist. Show them the photographs of your desired haircut. This will help them understand your requirement clearly and avoids confusion. A professional hair stylist at Bondi hair salon, will be able to suggest whether a particular hair style suits your hair texture and personality or not. Trust your stylist as they are experts.
  • If you want to get an appointment at your preferred time, always pre-book an appointment. You can call the hair salon or pre-book the next appointment while you are still in the salon. Do not be late for your appointments as it disturbs their entire schedule. Inform the stylist well in advance, if you are running late. If you want a last minute appointment, call your stylist and request for one.
  • To get the best service and personalized attention, remember to tip your stylist well. Stylists always remember the clients who tip them well and will be eager to return the favour by offering special service.
  • Listen to the stylist and use the recommended products to maintain the look and feel of your hairstyle.
  • The price charged by a Bondi hair salon depends upon their reputation and location. However, the price does not indicate the quality of services offered at the salon. You have to try out the services or ask for referrals to know about the service.
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How To Create A Personalised Word Art

Although you can surely buy an instant or commercialised gift, having a personalised word art as a present would surely add value to the gift. One of the reasons is that you will add a personal touch to the gift especially if you would use a personal message on the project. Aside from the personal message, you can also print the recipient’s name, your favourite poem, an inspirational quote and many others.

To create a personalised word art, you should primarily look for a digital canvas printing company that will help you accomplish the project. If you have found a service provider, the next step is to do the following steps:

  • Find the “personalised artwork” page and choose a design.
  • If you have already decided on a design, click the “design” tab followed by the “buy” tab.
  • After that, you are now ready to apply the offered designing and styling options. Pick the size, and style of your preferred personalised word art such as if it is centred, stretched, filled, etc. it is also at this stage where you can pick if you want the word art to be on portrait or landscape mode. Pick the type of frame colour, the background colour and the word colour. The next step is to apply the wording. Type the words, poems, name or quote on the provided text box and apply your preferred font. You can also include a photo by simply uploading the image to the website. At the bottom of the page, you will find a space where you can indicate some notes or information for the service provider. Click on the number of orders that you want to place.
  • Click “add to cart” and move to the last step. You will be asked to provide your address and payment details. Click “place your order” and you’re done.

Within 48 hours, you will receive an emailed proof of your personalised word art where youare given the chance to do additional editing on the artwork. The entire process will take around two weeks before it is delivered to your address.

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The Top Five Most Beautiful London City Illustrated Map

London is one of the most prominent cities of the world. Aside from that, it is one of the most mapped cities too. There is more to London as you can always see something new in the world of mapping. You will see that every London City illustrated map is different from the other. Below are selected illustrated maps of London.:

  • London South Bank University

It’s actually a simple map, developed to showcase the location of the University in London perimeters. It is easily recognizable, is emphasized with drawings of major buildings, as well as some generic stylized symbols related to London, like the double decker buses.

  • Alex Foster Map

The London City illustrated map uses child-like illustrations of its landmarks. The text of the map is drawn by hand with colorful images to create a simplistic yet charming picture. The River Thames is featured with bold blue wrap all over the map with the road layout kept to a minimum.

  • Guoman Hotels Map

The illustrated map was innovated by Lovell Johns to feature a clear base map, with various hotel locations and major buildings chosen out as 3D icons. It aims to feature the comparative position of the hotels in relation to the major tourist attractions of the city. It utilizes corporate branding and colors of the hotel chain to help make this map more unique and distinctive. It surely is one great map to see the interesting side of London.

  • Bentley Priory Map

The London City illustrated map designed by Katherine Baxter showcases many attributes in great details. Its base details such as the River Thames, roads, and more have been shaped and concluded to create a relevant detail more distinguished. The text is drawn by hand text to add an illustrative feel of the map.

  • InterContinental Hotel Map

This map was authorized by Park Lane InterContinental Hotel to suit their guests to see the local area for walking and jogging. The street level base is styled with more illustrated 3D buildings. The London City illustrated map should help you find you way within the city.

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Weird Election Advertising In New Zealand Called Out By Voters

The Electoral Act in New Zealand dictates that election advertising is banned in every form during the actual polling day. With this, billboards and signs have to be removed and any form of advertising related to election in television, internet and radio must cease. According to the rule, advertising found in social media posts, T-shirts, vehicle signage and bumper stickers are also covered by the Electoral Act. This is a common thing nowadays as there is also a trend of vehicle signs in Sydney and it is considered an effective form of advertising.

Since the presence of advance voting has become quite common, many are questioning the restrictions as it is only applied on the actual polling day and not during the period where advance voting has started. This is why many are concerned if the rule really does what it is supposed to.

For the election that was held last month, the Electoral Commission has already assumed that about 50 per cent of the voters will be casting ballot before the actual polling day which is on September 23. A week before the polling day, 500,000 voters have already casted their ballots.

According to James Shaw who is the leader of the Green Party said that it is time to review the election rules with regards to advertising. The rules that used to restrict campaigns on the actual voting day seemed to be old-fashioned given the presence of advance voting.

He added that full review should be undertaken not just on the advertising rule governing the advance voting period but the actual election day as well because they might not be policing as strict as before.

David Seymour, the leader of ACT Party, agreed with the proposition because of the inconsistencies which need to be addressed. He clarified that campaigning should be fine as long as it is not done within or close to a voting booth. He believes that it is not right to ban campaigns for the final two weeks though.

While it is the most effective form, vehicles signs in Sydney and New Zealand for this matter could greatly influence the decisions of voters.

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4 Reasons To Opt For Wall Art Online

Technology has reinvented the way photos are printed. Traditional photo printing utilizes ordinary photo paper. However, there is a better way of printing images with better, high quality result. These canvas printing are used on images and wall art online. Canvas prints have gained popularity among photo enthusiasts and by those who want pieces of art in their areas without spending thousands for it. Photos printed on canvas are processed digitally and the good thing about it is that you can apply the design of your choice and other specifications. Some of the top reasons for choosing canvas prints include the following.

Easy editing and enhancement

Another reasonto go for digital photo printing is you can personally enhance the image based on the design in your mind. The canvas printing shop will only frame the image, apply some final touches before they are delivered to your address. You can design the image and have it in vintage, grey scale or black and whitestyle.

Can be easily shared

Another positive thing about canvas digital photos is that they can be shared and uploaded easily so for the image to be processed right away. There is no need for you to physically go to a local printing shop to personally deliver the images when they can be converted into a beautiful work of wall art online.

More framing options

You can find a number of framing options on the website of your preferred company for digital printing. If you want a more trendy and modern appeal, go for frameless image for the finished product. For more inspiration, you can check online for ideas.

Affordable works of art

Canvas is proven and tested for its longevity especially on paintings and other works of art. With all its durability, you will be surprised to find out that wall art onlineare very affordable. If you can find a company that delivers for free all over Australia, all the more you will get more savings while having a beautiful piece of art in your area.

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Ai Weiwei’ May Opt for Personalized Canvas Art Prints

Last October 2015, Danish toymaker Lego had denied Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s request for a bulk order of the plastic toys. As posted on his Instagram, Mr. Ai claimed Lego denied a bulk order, reiterating the company didn’t approve usage of Lego toys for political purposes.  The artist never considered opting for a personalized canvas art prints for his art projects.

The artist accuses Merlin Entertainments willopen a Legoland park in Shanghai with a Chinese partner. The declaration timely coincided with Chinese president Xi Jinping’s state visit to the Britain, which actuated Mr. Ai’s Instagram post.

The bulk order of the artist could have been used to design an artwork to be featured in the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia later that year.

This is not the first time the toymaker met a political dispute. Earlier in 2015, Lego denied journalist Maia Weinstock for her entry to a Lego platform of a custom set which commemorated the female justices of the American supreme court. Had they used a personalized canvas art prints, the problem could have been better. But despite that case, there seemed to be no instance from the company to deny a bulk order for political grounds. Lego never returned a request for comment.

However, in April 2016, Lego admitted a mistake for the Danish toymaker’s refusal to sell bricks to Mr. Ai. The company found itself at the center of a social media storm in 2015 after the artist said Lego had refused his order for the renowned kid’s building blocks. Lego’s deputy chairman Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen said the decision to deny the artist a bulk order was an internal mistake.

Since then, the artist’s artworkswere exhibited inside Alcatraz Penitentiary in San Francisco, featuring his artworks made of plastic toys. The pieces entitled Trace demonstrated pixelated images of around 175 political prisoners including Edward Snowden, Nelson Mandela, and Nobel prize-winning Liu Xiaobo. What if he used personalized canvas art prints; it could have been another artistic way of presentation.

The Danish toymaker had planned to expand its presence in China as growth in the Americas have slowed down. In 2016, the company reported that Asia had the highest growth rate.

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