Brits Voted For Their Favorite Holiday Spot This Year

Brits loved to go on holidays and they tend to gear towards the spot where there are sun, sand, and the sea. There are a number of popular destinations on the list of British tourists including Majorca, Ibiza and Costa de Sol but a number of new tourism destinations are starting to rank higher on their list.

Looking at the different tourist destinations in the Europe, there is an increase in the number of UK tourists flocking Cyprus and the country’s official Tourism Organization revealed that the number has rose by 16.3 per cent.

This is not the top on the list though because a new exotic travel destination topped the list of Brits travellers for this year. It is none other than the island of Phuket in Thailand. It ranked as the number one as the most favourite destinations of British tourist as published by Southall Travel, a travel specialists. Many are flocking to Thailand to experience the hotels, resorts and pool villa in Thailand.

Brits revealed that what they loved most about Thailand is that it offers sandy beaches, wonderful temples and delicious food that do not break the bank. It is no wonder that the country in Southeast Asia has become the latest favourite for Brits.

The second spot was taken by Mauritius, third spot goes to Goa located in India, fourth is Maldives and the fifth spot goes to Bali, Indonesia.

The rising star award was given to Vietnam because of the increasing number of people that are giving testimonies about the undiscovered beaches of the country. It has the highest booking in term of year-on-year and also showed to be that fasted growing tourist spot overall.

Data provided by Southall Travel showed that Vietnam saw a 22 per cent increase in their booking compared to 2016.

The same data also showed that Myanmar has a higher percentage of booking by 15 per cent in comparison to last year.

The sales director of Southall Travel, JayminBorkhatria, said that Thailand has coveted the popular beach award for a number of years and many tourists are looking forward to staying at a pool villa in Thailand while overlooking the wonderful beaches and view the country has to offer.