Beyond The Tank Features Ugly Christmas Sweaters From Tipsy Elves

If you’re looking for online shops and companies that are selling Ugly Christmas sweaters, it definitely wouldn’t be any problem at all. Tons of them are available today and one of them that stands above the others today is the ‘Tipsy Elves’. It’s a relatively new apparel company that serves customers with garments that are holiday-themed. They spread a wide array of choices for you, encompassing from sweaters to other items which you can all get from their online shop or distributors. Recently, it experienced an overwhelming leap that showed the world their Ugly Christmas Sweaters – it was when they appeared for the TV show, Shark Tank.

Specifically, the people from Tipsy Elves who represented them in the show where Nicklaus Morton and Evan Mendelsohn. They showed on Shark Tank, Season 5. Their company was first known for the Ugly Christmas sweaters they brought to the world and their debut on Television where they took part in Beyond the Tank’s first episode gave them the recognition which they deserved. The Beyond the Tank was a new show that lead to the revisiting of the various companies that has once joined the tank before.

Last year, the middle of 2014, Robert Herjavec handed them the deal. He also claimed and informed CNBC that the investment he made to the Tipsy Elves was the most triumphant of all his plans for the TV Show. Because of the huge success, 10% from the company which amounted to $100,000 was given to Tipsy Elves. The funds lend them a hand in expanding their business and today, they have been able to venture on other types of garments too – t-shirts, college sweaters and even jumpsuits.

A video from the TV Show, Beyond The Tank was aired, and the members of the Tipsy Elves, Mendelsohn and Morton, has shown their products to Mr. Herjavec for the company’s yearly review. It is shown in the clip that Mr. Herjavec loved Sweater lines from USA and Canada, however, he does not agree with light sweaters known as ‘Knit Knack’ where he added that he definitely hates it.