Aprilia RSV4 Engine Will Power Wolf GB08 Thunder

In the world of motorcycle racing, Aprilia motorcycles are well-known for their exceptional record, with 294 Grand Prix wins earned by these motorbikes. One of the more recent iterations, the Aprilia RSV4 has already managed to make a name for itself with seven world titles acquired throughout a span of six years.

Now, the V-Four engine that has powered this award winning model is now making its way to another Italian racing machine. The odd bit? It’s not a two-wheeler. The new, Formula X single seater machine, the Wolf GB08. The 65 degree V4 engine will power the machine, which will debut at the Italian Sport Prototype Championship 2018.

Thanks to their “Factor Works” program, Aprilia Racing have been developing their technology into new, more powerful Aprilia motorcycles and Superstock machines. The 2017 iteration of the Aprilia RSV 4 R FW-GP, an upgrade of the standard RSV4, boasts 250 bhp and is considered a street-legal track performance motorcycle and a good taste of the MotoGP experience. That power is what Aprilia brought into the design of  the Wolf GB08 Thunder.

The company Wolf made its debut in the world of motorsports back in 1976 when Canadian Walter Wolf founded his own racing firm, Walter Wolf Racing. The group has participated in Formula 1 and Formula 3 in the past, and was recently acquired by the Italian team, Avelon Formula. The original Wolf GB08, built in 2010, has a record consisting of several championship wins.

The newest iteration, the Wolf GB08 Thunder, was made by Aprilia, bringing in the manufacturer’s histories of victories, with 21 titles and 147 Grand Prix races for the development of the new machine. The group managed to design the 4,999.6cc engine, placing it at a 65° angle between the vehicle’s banks, creating a stable chassis that became the center of the design for the vehicle.

Its entry at the Italian Sport Prototype Championship is part of a contract with Wolf Racing Cars and the promoters of ACI Sport, consisting of at least six events just in 2018, the first of which would happen in the 1st of June at the racetrack of Monza.