Apprentice Lisa Stands Out Among Competition

Lisa Murphy is a second year apprentice painter as well as decorator. She is currently employed in a building and redevelopment company but she is already gaining a lot because of her recent participation in the most distinguished trade awards in the country. She did not only participate but she won a top spot against thousands of other participants.

Lisa is currently with City Building and she won the third place in the national competition of Johnstone’s Young Painter of the Year. The award is distinguished in the country and is considered a high honor to be included in. The competition is all about painting and decorating in order to feature the talents of young people with eight heats that are held nationwide. The culmination activity is a live final that was celebrated at the National Painting and Decorating Show.

Lisa won at the regional heat during the awards competition, after which she was required to go to Coventry where she must also participate. This time she is competing for the competition’s national finals. The final is all about participants completing a series of assignment and they must be able to show off their different skill sets such as Lisa’s ability to perform a task based on a detailed specification wherein she has to mark out a very complicated design. Lisa was able to get an outstanding in all the tasks thereby making it possible for her to bag the third place. Her prize includes an iPad as well as a few painting and sets of decorating tools.

This year is a good one for Lisa because she was also awarded as the Apprentice of the Year months before. This is during the 10th annual Apprenticeship awards ceremony held by the City Building. The venue of the awarding was at City Chambers. On the same night, she also received the 2nd Year Painter and Decorator award. If you are looking for a decorator as talented as Lisa, make sure to visit or contact BD Decorators to learn more about their services and the set of skills they can offer for your home improvement project.