Apple Reveals Details On Chip Flaws

Owners of iPhones  and iPads might want to head down for some computer repairs in Perth or anywhere close, as the tech behemoth reveals in a statement a security flaw affecting all iPhones, Macintosh computers, and even their Apple TV, which has left them all vulnerable to intrusion and espionage by hackers, as a result of two computer chip flaws in Apple’s design, that was revealed earlier in January of 2018.

Apple made the statement on the 5th of January, 2018, and added that only the Apple Watch was left unaffected by the flaws, though they did say that they had already rolled out software fixes for the other products.

The reveal came following the Alphabet’s Google Project Zero project releasing their data, which showed and detailed two notable security flaws in Apple computer chips which date back to 1995.

The two vulnerabilities were names Meltdown and Spectre, by academics and experts in the field, could potentially allow hackers to acquire sensitive and vital information regarding the users of the devices, and affected all sorts of chips, numbering in the millions, including, but not limited to Intel and AMD chips.

Apple confirmed that its major products were made vulnerable due to the security issues, but reassured customers that no data had yet been stolen.  According to a statement made by the company, all Macintosh OS and iOS devices were affected by the issue, but there are no known exploits that are troubling customers at present. The company added that exploiting the holes in security required a malicious app, the best thing to do is to only download software from trusted sources, such as the Apple App Store.

For those looking to head for some computer repairs in Perth in order to deal with the issue, however, Proofpoint’s Ryan Kalember, VP for  Cybersecurity Strategy has some advice, saying that customers are more likely to be hurt by phishing e-mails rather an exploit of Meltdown or Spectre, and added that, as long as customers ensured that they have the latest software updates and avoided downloading unauthorized programs, they’ll be fine.

Kalember says that the key thing is that both Meltdown and Spectre can only be exploited if the attacker can run code on whatever device they’re attacking.