A Suspected Chinese Thief In Thailand Ingested Diamond To Escape Capture

In Thailand, doctors took out a diamond from a Chinese woman’s stomach after she allegedly swallowed it with the hope of a successful smuggling. She is now out of the hospital after the successful procedure.

She will have to explain herself in court on Monday. According to police, the 39-year-old woman swapped a diamond worth $278,000 with a counterfeit gem during an ornament fair in North Bangkok.

After the theft, she attempted to escape the country unnoticed by swallowing the gem. Her attempt to flee failed because agents arrested her in Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. X-ray revealed the gem stocked in her stomach as she tried to get across the airport. She had a 33-year old Chinese man companion who was also apprehended.

Authorities tried laxatives to dislodge the diamond but to no avail so they had to call a doctor to take out the gem. Police Colonel Mana Tienmuangpak said she was doing well so she was discharged from the hospital. Police colonel added that the alleged smuggler would be brought to the Provincial Court of Nonthaburi. She will have to decide on court if she wants to return to custody while authorities carry on with the investigation.

The spokeswoman of Police General Hospital, Police Lieutenant Colonel Anchulee Theerawongpaisal, reported that surgeons removed the diamond from her lower colon using a colonoscope and other instruments. The procedure lasted for 12 minutes, it was a usual medical procedure only this time a $278,000 worth gem was involved, she added.

This was not the first time for thieves who extremely want to escape capture to ingest gems. Offenders do desperate measures to do crimes so ADT Alarm Systems are necessary for protection.

A robber who stole a gem in Spain was detained when authorities caught him and coerced him to have an X-ray in a checkpoint on September 2011.

Another man was caught in Australia’s Airport after x-ray detected that he swallowed a pink diamond worth $180,000 on February 2014. However the gem was not recovered. He was convicted and sent to jail but he did not yet admit what happened to the diamond.