4 Easy Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

Mindfulness meditation is known to provide several benefits to practitioners. These benefits include boosting of the immune system, enhancement of the cognitive functions, increase in creativity and many more. However, most people do not have time to do formal meditation as it would require time and a conducive environment. The good thing about mindfulness meditation exercises is that you can do it practically anywhere and even while doing your usual daily routines. Here are some mindful exercises that you can do on an average day.

Walking Meditation

If you take 10-15 minutes of walking on a regular basis, you can do so mindful exercise while you are at it. Choose a less distractive area if you can. While walking, focus on the sensation of your feet touching the ground. Then you can turn your focus on your breathing then the different parts of your body. Do this part by part. When your mind wanders, gently take it back to your point of focus.

While Eating

One of the mindfulness meditation exercises that you can do is the eating meditation. While eating focus your attention on the food you eat, of its taste, its texture inside your mouth and even on its smell. Chew your food a little longer than you usually do. You don’t have to this the entire meal. Just a few minutes to practice the meditation exercise.

Mindful Listening

There are countless sounds and noises going on around you all at the same time. You can easily get distracted with all these. To practice mindfulness, focus on a specific sound and listen to it attentively without judgment. When a thought enters your mind or if it remembers something, take your mind back to the sound and let it flow within you.

When Brushing

There are several mindfulness meditation exercises that you can practice while doing simple activities. One of these is activities is brushing. When brushing, your mind easily wanders to the things you need to do for the days, bills to pay and emails to respond to. To meditate while brushing, focus on your toothbrush’s movements and to the taste of your toothpaste.